We Watched the Ball Drop & It’s Benign

We Watched the Ball Drop & It's Benign


It’s after New Year’s and you’ve already broken all your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry: so have we! Come watch 50 minutes of great improv and cast all those goals aside with us.


Weekends with Friends:
Renata Camara
Lauren Kaplan
Brian Dukes
Andy Weaver
Alli Stark
Chad Hall
Meghan McGuire
Megan Hughes
Austin Kasper
Jim Lenger
Carter Chamberlain
Andrew Beattie
Leslie Coffman
Devon Kerr

Wilbur’s Widow:
Kevin Sherman
Rachel Sendelbach
Mitch Kessler
Brett Bulatek
Lorraine Denardis Albert

Finger Furniture:
Karen Loda
Kristine Belica
Evan Richter
Bailey Lee Oswald
Michelle Risacher
Madeleine Berlin

Music Director: Dave Asher

$13 Standard
$11 College Student (w/ valid I.D.)
$7 Training Center Student

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