Tight Five Monsters 2

Tight Five Monsters 2


Tight Five Monsters 2
The best up and coming Chicago comics (and surprise guests!) perform their best 5 minutes of stand up comedy. Hosted by Bobby Bieniek, Sharath Alampur and Ramiro Lynch.

July 27th hosted by Sharath Alampur
Johnny Cosmo
James Fisher Jr.
Steph Charaska
Yas Kurukgy
Mike Hover
Adam Addis
Bobby Bieniek
Kenyon Adamcik

August 3rd hosted by Ramiro Lynch
Liza K
Jen Durbent
Mark Lenington
Eliana La Casa
Aaron Klopfer
Sharath Alampur
Joe Antonacci

August 10th hosted by Bobby Bieniek
Alexa Schlosser
Abby Muldoon14
Amy Leuenberger
Sharron Palm
Kevin Krsek
Valerie Klorman Sorenson
Ramiro Lynch

$13 Standard
$11 College Student (w/ valid I.D.)
$7 SC Training Center Student

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