The Second City’s Totally Bonkers Improv Showdown

The Second City's Totally Bonkers Improv Showdown

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The Second City is taking family entertainment to mind-blowing new heights! Bring the whole gang to watch two teams of totally top-notch improv maniacs face off in a comedy showdown of totally bonkers proportions! Fueled by your weirdly wonderful suggestions and totally amazing audience volunteers, our teams will do whatever it takes to earn your votes–and your laughs.

Especially created for kids (and the old fogies in charge of them), this show has all the elements for an epic time out together. High-energy characters? Check! All the Fortnite dances you can handle? Check! A scene with a puppy, an alien, and a thousand-pound watermelon? Anything can happen…and probably will!

$12 Adult Tickets

$10 Kid Tickets

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