The Second City’s New Mainstage Revue (#107)

The Second City's New Mainstage Revue (#107)

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Come see The Second City Mainstage’s brand new 107th Revue. This is the most exciting time to see a show on our stages. The cast is fresh, new material is worked into the show every night, and your laughter in the audience helps shape the final show!

Cast Members:  Ryan Asher, Tyler Davis,  Jeffrey Murdoch, Emma Pope, Nate Varrone, and Kimberly Michelle Vaughn

Director:  Matt Hovde

Musical Director:  Vinnie Pillarella

Stage Manager:  Craig Taylor


Second City MainstageCast Members (L-R):  Jeffrey Murdoch, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, Tyler Davis, Ryan Asher, Emma Pope, and Nate Varrone

Photography by Todd Rosenberg


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