Super Groundhog Day Show Extravaganza Show

Super Groundhog Day Show Extravaganza Show

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All things groundhog! It’s a Groundhog Day variety show!

Make It Up Media presents the story of a small town in full-out-Groundhog-Day celebration mode. But will the groundhog show up? Will there be winter for six more weeks? Did the groundhog murder his brother and fake his own death and, metaphorically-speaking, get away with it?? Join MIUM as they figure it out.

Erin Field
Caleb George
Rolando Lepe
Claire McFadden
Tim Metzler
Maureen Monahan
Maggie Smith
Amy Thompson
Ashley Victoria
Danny Bischoff
Andrew Campbell
Kyle Mantegna
Mariah Michael
Clark Pavlik
Kayla Pulley
Alex Romero
Lizzy Rudakas
Damian Jason White

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