Suddenly Mommy

Suddenly Mommy

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This hilarious one-woman show takes us through every mom’s experience of good times, bad advice, and trying to do it all. From hot dates to play dates, experience the rollicking rollercoaster of motherhood. Because no matter how you planned it… it always comes suddenly!

“Anne Marie Scheffler didn’t think motherhood would be this hard.She thought she could be the sexy show biz mom with a baby in one arm, and a movie script in the other. Her jarring realization otherwise makes for a humourous and entertaining show!” – CBC Radio

“OMG. My sides are so sore this morning-we had SUCH a great time last night! You are brilliant! I am signing up to receive all your performance dates cuz you make me laugh from the centre of my being. You have a new fan- I’m going to be a “groupie”! I was totally exhausted after your performance from laughing. A one-person show really draws one into the show I find. Thank you. And sorry for the snorting.” Sharon

“Such a great show tonight!!! You are so talented! I could relate to it all! Wow. You nailed motherhood!” -Gillian

“The writing and delivery is perfect. The words are beautiful and honest: Scheffler isn’t fearful in sharing her life and doesn’t hesitant with personal details.” – Orangevile Banner review

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