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Sketch Cast

Sketch Cast

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$10 general, $8 students, $5 TC students.
Sketch Cast: Writing Program Ensembles! Wednesdays at 10:30pm

Sketch Cast ensembles write and perform their own material, November 8th – December 13th , in Judy’s Beat Lounge!

Directed by: Scott Levy, Ashley Whitehurst, Winter Davis, Sam Super, Kerri Morrison, Matthew Van Colton

Tech Director: Emily Forest, Jade Bruno, Elizabeth Amdahl, Raquel Romo
Xyla Gatilao
Lindee Katdare
Elizabeth Snyderman
Michael Benjamin
Shelbie Anderson
Cassidy Maher
Hillary Sussman
Melissa McGlensey
Colleen Prendergast
Mark Brennan
Imran Khan
Sarah Handler
Chris Brown
Scott Ross
Delia Smith
Abigail Pinon
Huy Nguyen
Lily Zacharias
Laura Leelun
Isabel Forrest
John Craven
Savannah White
Ally Nikolaus


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