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The Emeralds of Saigon (Ooooooo Ahhhhhh) are comprised of a buncha Second City Training Center graduates, flailing around in the in between (perhaps, the Upside Down?) of being adults and being a student forever. Come see these semi-precious stones for one night only performing a variety of thematic based improvisational art that is a treat for the senses. YOU GET ONE CHANCE.


Michaela Choy

Jackie Hilmes

Brian Landon

Gregory J. Matthews

Denny O’Malley

John Retterer-Moore

The Ghost of Sarah H. Corey

Opening for The Emeralds of Saigon: Improvbus
Brian Greenberg
Michael Martin
Rick Bolnick
Catherine Napper
Michael Greenbaum
Vijay Bhargava
Parker Thompson
Christina Thompson

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