O Blockbuster, Where Art Thou?

O Blockbuster, Where Art Thou?


Times, they’ve been a-changin’. New Age helicopter parenting, YouTube fame, and #squadgoals have made the days of payphones, disposable cameras, and video stores obsolete (*tear*). Welcome to the golden age of the Millennial. O Blockbuster, Where Art Thou is here to shine a light on the best and (mostly) worst aspects of this generation. We hope that you LOL, ROTFL, or LYFAO. If not, just know that you will earn a participation award for your attendance!

Written by: Writing 6
Lauren Briskin
Cece Countryman
Kyle Keller
Joe Knotts
Nikki Loehr
Chad Olsen
Aaron Page
Faith Pharr

Performed by:
Marvanna Cash
Kelly Combs
Patrick Gallagher
Katy Jacobs
Paul Kendall
Raymond Velez

Directed by Tabetha Wells

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