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Level Cs – Skybox

Level Cs - Skybox


Friday February 23 – Skybox

7:00- Jessica Antes (Sunday)

7:30-Andel Sudik (Monday)

8:00- Stephanie Anderson (Tuesday)

8:30-Jonny Nelson (Thursday)

9:00-Jessica Antes (Monday)


Saturday February 24 – Skybox

7:00- James Whittington (Tuesday)

7:30-Julia DiFerdinando (Wednesday)

8:00- Matt Mages (Tuesday)

8:30-Mark Czoske (Wednesday)

9:00-Julia DiFerdinando (Monday)

9:30-Mark Czoske (Saturday)



$5 General
FREE for TC Students


Having trouble finding tickets to the correct time? Click HERE and then click on Training Center at the top of the page. Full date listings will be there.

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