La Carne Asada

La Carne Asada


Heads up! Your mom just pulled in the driveway and you forgot to take out the chicken she asked you to defrost hours ago. Be prepared to duck the chancla or else catch your moms hands. And remember ‘Y tu Novio’ season is around the corner and you gotta be ready to clapback when your tia Concha attacks.

Vision Latino Theater Company presents La Carne Asada, an experimental/bi-lingual sketch show about the Latinx experience featuring some of Chicago’s most talented Latinx and POC performers. Written and directed by the beautiful and hilarious Vanessa Garcia.


Dario Carrion
Arik Vega
Omero Arreola
Abigail Pinon
Jillian Ebanks
Daniela Martinez
Cristina Rodriguez

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