Kawa Chameleon

Kawa Chameleon


Matt Kawa is about to be the father of Twins, so this is his last chance to finally do the One Man show he’s been talking about doing for the last 10+ years, for maybe the Next 10+ years, so “Today’s the Day” and “Now or Never”, right?! Haha! (His wife said it was okay.)

Every scene is inspired by a person who helped Matt become the strange and creative individual he is today. Matt brings together his myriad of artistic talents to embody and embrace his inner and outer Chameleon.

Join Matt Kawa for an evening of sketches, songs, dancing, juggling, fine art, photography, customer service, tech savvy, honest dedications, fatherly advice, weird facial expressions, and much much more in a show that gets to the heart of exploring that age old plight for an Introverted Extrovert, “how to be seen while remaining hidden.”

Please do come along, it’s gonna be Groovy!

$15 Standard
$13 College Student
$7 Training Center Student

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