Identity Heist Starring Meghan Babbe

Identity Heist Starring Meghan Babbe

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A brand new show comes to The Second City studio theaters this winter with “Identity Heist with Meghan Babbe,” playing in Judy’s Beat Lounge the last Wednesday of every month. Witness a live demonstration of old school Late Night comedy, with modern twists.
Identity Heist will have music, stand-up, improv, and much, much more. Fans of Carson’s Late Night presence will rejoice at Meghan Babbe’s production, complete with special musical and comedy guests. Experience Identity Heist yourself live this winter, and accompany Meghan Babbe alongside a rotating cast of characters and musicians as she gauges which side of herself she likes best.
With Special Guests:
Sarah Ashley
Allison Ringhand
Bill Stern
Tim Lyons
Meredith Stepien
Ryan Cleary
Lindsey Smith
Emma Pope
Chandler Goodman
Damian Anaya

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