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GAYERBEAR The Live Visual Album
GAYERBEAR The Live Visual Album

About The Show

Beyoncé. Justin Timberlake. Red plastic cups. All have mastered the fine art of going Solo. Can Gayerbear follow in their footsteps? Come find out as he encounters a fruit basket full of personalities, social and libationary shortcomings, and his own inner booty. The 116th U.S. House of Representatives describes the show as "if The Wizard of Oz and The Lonely Island had a gayby." Queens and Daddies and Bears oh my!

Featuring: Dwaine Wells-Ehrisman and Roy Samra

Choreographed by: Dwaine Wells-Ehrisman

Music Production by: Brad Kemp and Matt Griffo

Directed by: Emily Railsback

$13 Standard
$11 College Student (w/ valid I.D.)
$7 Training Center Student


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