Fairytales & Folklore in a Dramatic Setting

Fairytales & Folklore in a Dramatic Setting


Passion. Drive. Drama. Theatre. Castles. Boats. Tiaras. Chainmail. Goats? Sure. Medieval Swords? Why Not.

Meggie and Laura are here for it all, and boy are they ready to bring all your favorite fairy tales to life in a serious and completely dramatic setting. It’s so serious, you’re not even going to think it’s them on stage. That’s how good and serious they are. Meggie and Laura Present: Fairytales and Folklore in a Dramatic Setting is a comedy sketch show written and performed by Meggie and Laura. With lots of love, laughter, and lochness monsters on the horizon, there’s never a dull moment in Meggie and Laura fairytale land.

AND you better believe they all lived happily ever after except not really because happiness is a superficial construct.

Written by: Laura Petro & Meggie Gates
Starring Meggie Gates, Laura Petro, Jules Herrick, & Cat Huck
Directed by: Claire Noone
With Music by: Richard Brasseale

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