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Disposable Income Freak Show

Disposable Income Freak Show


Step right up, step right up to this sketch comedy smash hit all the way from Austin, TX! The Disposable Income Freak Show is a circus-style revue that’s loaded with the absurd oddities you encounter IRL, the death-defying vulnerability we try to avoid daily, and larger than life song & dance numbers about our moments of weakness. Raw, rapid-fire and touching, the Disposable Income Freak Show illuminates the dark corners of the human condition with hilarity, levity, and clowns*. *The non-creepy kind. Written & Directed By Donny Rodriguez

Delia Diaz
Jamie Sandomire
Alexandria Moorman
Julia Helms
Amanda Sestak
Frank Spiro
Matthew Manning
Javier Fernandez
Joel Clifford
Corey Wilga
Michael Hermann
Jeremy Meador
Jeff Phillips
Wilson Murphy
Jon Dale
Anthony Sullivan JR
Donny Rodriguez as The Ringmaster

$13 General
$11 Student
$7 TC Student

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