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A Corporate Christmas Miracle: The Musical --Sort of
A Corporate Christmas Miracle: The Musical --Sort of

About The Show

Aren’t you just sick of all these holiday shows and specials bringing you endless jolly good cheer? We are too. That’s why there’s “Meggie and Laura present: A Corporate Christmas Miracle: The Musical -- Sort of,” finally bringing to the world what’s really important during the holiday season: business.

Elves? Reindeer? Snowmen? Pine Trees? We’re not buying any of it this year. That’s why Meggie and Laura created the anti-Christmas show filled with plenty of sketches that have little to do with the holidays whatsoever. It’s going to be weird, it’s going to be fun as heck, and you better believe it IS a musical – sort of.

Written by: Laura Petro and Meggie Gates
Directed by: Claire Noone
with Music by: Richard Brasseale


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