America is Cancelled

America is Cancelled

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America is great on paper. Unfortunately, it’s run by people. And people are terrible.

“America Is Cancelled” takes a look at social media, the patriarchy, injustice and other lighthearted topics through a variety of scenes, songs and aural soundscape. It’s hard to laugh at a joke while living inside one, but together, these 4 young people will try to smartly and responsibly make sense of this mess that is the U.S.A.

Let’s all sit down and laugh at America. Because laughter is the best medicine…if you can’t afford medicine.

Written by Jake Dewar.

Choreography by Kristin Phillips.

Performed by Charley Arksey, Jake Dewar, Kristin Phillips, and Meghan Powell.

Directed by Mark Fleming

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$11 Student Ticket

$7 Training Center Student Ticket

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