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America Is Cancelled: Midterm Edition
America Is Cancelled: Midterm Edition

About The Show

America is great on paper. Unfortunately, it’s run by people. And people are terrible.

“America Is Cancelled: Midterm Edition” takes a look at social media, the patriarchy, injustice and other lighthearted topics through a variety of scenes, songs and aural soundscape. Today's U.S.A. is a hot mess, but one privileged white man will smartly and responsibly find a way to make sense of it.

Let's all laugh at America together. Because laughter is the best medicine…if you can’t afford medicine.

Written and performed by: Jake Dewar

Featuring: Music by Jamie Shriner and improv by Delorean, KAREN and Labia Majora

Directed by: Mark Fleming

$10 Standard
$8 College Student (w/ valid I.D.)
$5 SC Training Center Student