Wilfred Lee

Toronto TourCo Ensemble

Wilfred Lee (Ensemble, He/ Him/ His) is the creator of the Artist’s Journey, a social network hub to inspire others in expressing their creative potential. Having worked in South Korea as an Illustration artist for games and caricatures, he enjoys pushing his understanding of storytelling into new visual formats. In 2016 he joined Seoul City Improv (SCI) and participated in the Shanghai Improv Festival. Since arriving back to Toronto in 2017, Wilfred is a Second City Conservatory alumni, part of the 2019 Bob Curry Diversity Fellowship ensemble, and is an actor for tv and commercials. He produces music under the pseudonym ‘Sugarghost’ and is an author, publishing ‘Pareidolia Gateway,’ a cosmic horror graphic novel. To learn more about his journey visit: www.artistsjourney.org.