Jillian Welsh

Toronto TourCo Ensemble

Jillian Welsh (Ensemble, She/Her/Hers) grew up in Southwestern Ontario before moving to NYC at the peak of the "hipster" moment only to land in Toronto. This has lead to a deep and unsettling fear that she will never know "plaid" to be unfashionable. Jillian is a Dora nominated actor and cast member of Extravaganza Eleganza, winner of a 2019 Canadian Comedy Award. Selected TV credits include: Baroness Von Sketch Show, Working Moms, TALL Boyz, and Odd Squad. Selected Theatre: Ophelia in Hamlet (American Globe Theatre NYC), ENCORE! (USA National Tour), Sandra in Served (NOW Best Ensemble) and No Place (NOW Outstanding Performance)Jillian's stories can be heard on This American Life, CBC’s Love Me and RISK! Love to Blue.