Aws Waham

Audience Success Manager

Aws Waham (he/him). Rhymes with House. Think “Ouse”.

You’ve been Awsed. I know, what an honour it must be to be you right now. To Aws, it’s just a casual Tuesday. Aws once Awsed thirteen people and delivered two Awsifications in the span of just three hours. Miracles do come true.

Aws has been working in customer service operations in performing arts organizations since 2016. He is passionate about cultivating an experience that simultaneously inspires the creativity of the audience, and allows the performers to continue developing their own skills. He believes that live performance depends on the audience’s energy and is, at its core, an immersive experience. As a customer service manager in the arts, Aws has the fortune of being part of the team that tries to make your experience as good as it can be.

Aws is known as ‘Food Guy’ at a local bar he used to frequent because he would order three entrees in one sitting (one time, after only ordering two entrees, the concerned bartender asked if Aws was okay). Aws is a huge pro wrestling fan, a lover of surrealist comedy (Eddie Izzard is one of Aws’ heroes), and has a vintage Super Soaker collection from the ‘90s.

Thus concludes your Awsing, you’re welcome and have a splendid day.