Bryson Howard

UP Ensemble

BRYSON HOWARD (“Sam #1”) (he/him) is a Chicago transplant from South Carolina by way of Nashville, TN, and Paris, France. After four and a half years of performing improv and scripted comedy around Chicago, the city thankfully has not yet rejected the transplant. He has been fortunate enough to perform in several shows at The Annoyance Theatre; he was part of the cast of The Queer Eye: The Musical Parody at the Playground Theater; he is an ensemble member of Baby Wants Candy, and he can be found performing improv at various venues in Chicago with his comedy partner Cassidy Russell. Bryson loves to run, watch 30 Rock, eat cheese, wear sweaters, and experience generalized anxiety. Twitter: @BrysonHoward. Instagram: @BrysonDallasHoward.