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Writing Satire for the Internet Level 2 (On-demand)


This second four-week satire writing intensive builds on the concepts learned in Satire 1 and puts an increased emphasis on writing at a professional level. Students will keep a running...

Writing Satire for the Internet Level 1 (On-demand)


In this four-week online writing satire course, you will learn how to form a strong comedic point of view on topical news and pop culture events. You will brainstorm, draft...

Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows Level 1 (On-demand)


Write desk bits, remote segments, guest pieces, sketch and a variety of segments for shows like Fallon, Seth Meyers, Kimmel, Amber Ruffin, Colbert, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Ellen, Desus &...

Sketch Writing Level 4 (On-demand)


The culmination of the Online Writing Program allows you to strengthen your own voice as a writer as you explore concepts of satire founded in historical and personal events. Gain...

Sketch Writing Level 3 (On-demand)


In Online Sketch Writing 3 you will continue building the blocks of a sketch revue! Explore sketch structures that “break the rules”, including blackouts and clothesline scenes. Expand your ability...

Sketch Writing Level 2 (On-demand)


Building on Online Sketch Writing 1, students will continue to learn the universal comedy techniques used in mainstream media as well as focusing on satire, character development and rewriting. Major...

Sketch Writing Level 1 (On-demand)


Students living away from one of the Second City Training Centers can still study comedy sketch writing! In Sketch Writing 1 students receive individual instruction through online correspondence, exploring the...

Teen Sketch Level 2 (On-demand)


Come on back and get your sketch comedy even sketchier! In part two of this three-part course, teens build on tools learned in Teen Sketch 1, further developing their comedic...

Teen Sketch Level 1 (On-demand)


Teen Sketch is a quick and fun entry into the world of sketch comedy writing. Part one of this three-part course is an exercise-based class WITH NO GRADES (woohoo!) that...

The Second City Toronto Introduces Our 83rd Revue: 'If I Could #Throwback Time' 


Bask in the glow of nostalgia with The Second City's 83rd revue.