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Writing 6 Show Auditions


The Writing 6 class is holding actor auditions for their final shows. The actors will be featured in the show run for this class. Current and former students are invited...



Spend an evening with FLYCLAP, an indie group with a quick wit, out-of-this-world characters and so much style. They'll be creating stories from their of real-world shenanigans and explore the...

How a ‘Sasquatch Detective’ Leapt from a Second City Stage to DC Comics


Yeti dreams came true from SC Hollywood grad Brandee Stilwell.

A Training Center Writing Student Was Just Published by 'The New Yorker'


Read "Times You Didn't Tip Enough and Ruined Someone's Life" in "Shouts & Murmurs."

Tina Fey Has Been Getting 'Busy Tonight'


Fey will be Phillips' guest on the LIVE show this Sunday night.

Straight-Up Answers to Your Questions About Our Adoption


Nov. is Adoption Awareness Month, but 'Rude Questions Month' is celebrated 12 times a year.

An Open Letter to My Favorite Feline and Professional Cat-Blocker


Erika Lindquist is a comedian and writer from Boston who has studied at The Second City Training Center.

Second City and Insight Productions Ink Comedy Development Deal


Second City + Insight have partnered to develop scripted and unscripted projects.

Quiz: Dog or Human Toddler?


Q: Which reads body language and respects personal space? A: Neither.

Conservatory Auditions


Students must complete the equivalent of one year of improv training at The Second City (Improv Levels 1-5 or Improv for Actors 1&2) to audition for Conservatory. It is also...