The Santa Auditions

By The Second City Network | Dec 16, 2013

What happens when you hold open auditions for a mall Santa?

Claudia Michelle Wallace - The Casting Agent
John Sabine - Joan Camden-Flores MFA (D), Your Liberal Aunt
Neal Dandade - Prashanta Clausimbigum, The Hindu Shanta
John Reynolds - Peter Stuff AKA Butt Fuck
Sarah Shook - Cara the Single Girl
Chelsea Devantez - Yolanda, UPS/Mailbox Etc
Adam Peacock - Archi Gurbach, The Superstar Santa
Chris Redd - Leonard Feathersworth, Hypnotist

Directed by Johnny Bruder | Cinematography by Corey Powers | Sound Jason Culver
Produced and Edited by Jeph Porter | Hair and Makeup by Chloe Hector | PAs Shawn Bates and Dan DeSalva

Special thanks to Joe Ruffner and GreenCo.

Kevin Macleod

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