Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Festival Panels


Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Festival Panels

Saturday 10/19/19

12:30 PM – SPEED NETWORKING (panel) – 3 Arts Stage
We all know that networking is a crucial part of building your career in the entertainment industry. But we don’t always know how to do it. This 2-hour, limited-attendee workshop will give guests the opportunity to learn some new networking skills, and then practice them in real time with VIPs including agents, managers, and executives. While this is not a pitch event or an audition, you never know where a new relationship will take you; and you’ll have a great time learning new skills so that you can expand your reach long after the workshop ends. The workshop will include a group introduction to new networking exercises, rounds of speed-networking with industry insiders, and feedback for participants.

1:30 PM – SPONSORS PANEL (panel) – NBC Stage
Industry execs from 3 Arts Entertainment, NBC, Mosaic Media, Nickelodeon, Harold Ramis Film School, and The Second City will be led in a panel discussion by host, Anthony LeBlanc, on the state of diversity and the do’s and don’t of the industry. This panel is free.

Host: Anthony LeBlanc is originally from Beaumont, TX. He performed with his sketch group, Boxaganga, while obtaining a Computer Science and Physics BS at Loyola University New Orleans. He Directed The Second City e.t.c. review, Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Second City Main Stage review, Winner…of Our Discontent. He Directed The Magic Negro and Other Blackity Blackness as Told by an African-American Man Who Also Happens to be Black at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta Georgia. He wrote and performed in two Second City Chicago Main Stage Reviews; America: All Better and Taming of the Flu. He is also an Artistic Director of the Second City and part of Columbia College Chicago’s theater department faculty teaching in the Comedy Writing and Performance Major.  He hopes that His Sketch Directing helps him one day realize his dream of working for NASA, programming A.I. computer systems. He thanks Mom, Dad, David, Katie, Kennedy, Matt, his friends…and of course…Stephen Hawking.

2:30 PM – LET’S GET YOU ON TV (panel) – 3 Arts Stage
We all know the basics about how to get on TV or get a show on TV. Write, pitch, and network. But what does this really mean, what does it really look like on a practical level, and what are concrete steps that you can take to make your writing or acting dreams a reality? This panel will help answer those questions and more. Come enjoy a conversation about the realities of making your living as a creative artist. This panel will feature agents, executives, and working creatives to help guests better understand how to traverse the current landscape.

3 PM – Nickelodeon Panel Discussion + Nick Mixer (panel) – Nickelodeon Stage
Join us for an exclusive happy hour and learn about all the exciting opportunities we have to offer creative individuals like you!  Drinks are on us!

The Katydids are an all female improv group from Chicago.  After creating a series of shorts called “Teachers”, they sold it as a TV show to TV Land and re-located to Los Angeles.  All the members of the Katydids wrote, produced, and starred in the highly successful series.  This panel will discuss the journey of transitioning from improv group to television show.

Theatre Locations During the Festival
NBC Stage (located on 2nd floor with no elevator access)
3 Arts Stage (located on 2nd floor with no elevator access)
Nickelodeon Stage (ADA Compliant Ground Floor Accessible