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Does your child have a talent for performing? Is acting something they like to do as an extra-curricular activity, or something they want to turn into a career? Acting classes are a wonderful way to refine your child’s skills on stage or in front of a camera, and get them more comfortable letting loose and expressing themselves. The Second City Kids Acting Program offers various classes of this type tailored to kids and teenagers.

How Acting Classes are Beneficial

Our Kids’ Acting Program covers all kinds of technical skills, including performing monologues, acting out complete scenes, and establishing a character. Acting involves all types of human expression: physical, emotional and intellectual. Lessons in acting allows your child to express themselves in an unrestricted setting, and will get them more comfortable on a stage, and even in day-to-day life.

After participating in exercises with and in front of classmates, your child may become better at public speaking and more relaxed in speaking with you, teachers, friends and others they confront in their lives. Since acting involves back-and-forth communication, your child might also learn effective listening, making them better communicators.

Lastly, acting classes can also serve as somewhat of a team-building exercise, as multiple students will be on stage or in a scene at a given time, and must work together to put on a good performance. Your son or daughter could even make lifelong friends in their acting class!

Open Classes

Our Acting Program for kids includes the following classes:

  • Acting
    • Ages 9-10
    • Ages 11-13
    • Ages 14-18
  • On Camera Acting Techniques
  • Coaching and Virtual Showcases
  • Private Lessons

All classes are meant for specific age groups; make sure to check which class corresponds to your child’s age before registering.

Register Your Child Today

Get your child involved in a hobby they can carry on throughout their lifetime by registering them in the Kids Acting Program at The Second City. They will not only find a fun way to express themselves and find confidence, but will also learn skills they can take into their everyday lives. Learn more about our available classes on our website, or call to sign up today by calling 312-337-3992.