Keegan-Michael Key Is A ‘Revelation’ In Public Theater’s ‘Hamlet’

By The Second City | Jul 17, 2017

e.t.c. alum Keegan-Michael Key is earning rave reviews for his turn as Horatio in Sam Gold’s new Off-Broadway production of ‘Hamlet,’ starring Oscar Isaac in the titular role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s David Rooney:

And in an acting company in which every role appears to have been cast with a performer who might bring something surprising to it (in some cases more successfully than others), Keegan-Michael Key injects both aching tenderness and quiet nobility into Horatio’s closing reflections. Those who roll up to see Key’s celebrated comedy skills won’t be disappointed — notably in an epic dumb-show death scene during which he doubles as one of the Players. But his ease with the verse and stirring sensitivity will be a revelation.

‘Hamlet’ is playing at New York’s Public Theater through September 3rd.

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