PM Justin Trudeau and Family Celebrated Mother’s Day Eve at The Second City

By The Second City | May 12, 2019

“On an extraordinary night at Second City in Chicago, a fearless, vulnerable and determinedly transparent Margaret Trudeau took the stage to talk of affairs and mistakes, family and failures, rebellion and resistance, with her living children and their partners in the audience, sitting in ordinary seats along with regular Chicagoans (and a genial protective detail from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)…”

Justin Trudeau made a public appearance this weekend not as the Prime Minister of Canada–but as a proud son. He and his family traveled to Chicago to watch his mother, Margaret Trudeau, candidly tell her intimate, outrageous life story in Certain Woman of an Age at UP Comedy Club. Produced by Diane Alexander, directed by Kimberly Senior, and co-written by Trudeau and Alix Sobler, the workshop performance was capped off by a family group hug on stage, where the PM wished the crowd a Happy Mother’s Day.

The Second City was honoured to host the Trudeau and Kemper families for an incredible evening of laughter, and we are thankful to everyone who attended for helping give our special guests from the Great White North a warm Chicago welcome.

Read Chris Jones’s full rundown via the Chicago Tribune.

Photo credit: Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune

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