Introducing 'Helter Shelter,' Second City's Newest Interactive Comedy Show

By The Second City | May 14, 2020

The Second City is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest virtual comedy show as part of their ongoing “Improv House Party” series. Improv House Party: Helter Shelter premieres Thursday, May 14th at 7pm CT via Zoom. Delivering “comedy from the discomfort of your own home,” Helter Shelter unites cast members from Second City’s Chicago and Toronto resident stage ensembles in this live, satirical, and highly-interactive comedy show.  From hot takes on the week’s news to absurd characters to improvisation, anything can happen when this cast lets loose on a topic, theme, or shared human experience. Expect the unexpected as the audience gets into the action in exciting new ways every week.  

“Across our stages in Chicago and Toronto, we have an incredible group of performers. It’s so exciting to have them work together--apart, of course--and give them a new place to play together. They’re been sharpening their satirical claws at home, and they’re ready to get back to making you laugh your head off,” says one Helter Shelter’s co-directors Anneliese Toft.

“Second City shows have always been shaped by the audience, and this is no exception,” says show co-director Anthony LeBlanc. “While Second City’s live Improv House Party shows have already broken ground in entertaining and involving audience participation from home, Helter Shelter will focus on written sketch comedy that brings audience involvement to a new level.”

Hosted by Second City alums Mary Catherine Curran, Nigel Downer, and Alan Linic, Helter Shelter’s 45-minute free weekly shows will feature a rotating cast including Adam Archer, Atra Asdou, Ali Barthwell, Tricia Black, Sarah Dell'Amico, Asia Martin, Natalie Metcalf, Jordan Savusa, Adam Schreck, and Chris Wilson with musical director Jesse Case and contributing musical artistry from Elise Wattman and Nicholas Gage. Anneliese Toft and Anthony LeBlanc are directors.

“Our cast is looking to push the limits of what experiential online comedy can be. Without giving any of our magic tricks away, I can say that we want our audiences saying, ‘I can’t believe Second City did that online,’” says Toft.

Improv House Party: Helter Shelter 



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