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Term 6 Classes & Registration



TERM 6 CLASSES: October 24-December 17, 2017 

(No Class 10/31 for Halloween & 11/22-11/26 for Thanksgiving)


Improvising Basics – While learning the building blocks of improvisation, this term builds confidence through ensemble energy.



Improvising Characters – While continuing an enhancement of improvisational skills, this term explores acting through character development.



Improvising Scenes – A study of structure, content, and character wants; this term focuses on what makes an improvised scene work.



Does taking an improv class make you feel nervous or anxious? Has it been recommended to you that you try more social events or to try to push your comfortable boundaries a little bit? This is a class where we teach our basic improv program in a room where all the students are like-minded and the teacher is patient and understanding. It’s a gentle approach to the basic principles of improvisation. You will learn the same skills that our other students learn in the improv program but at a pace and comfort level that fit the group. There is no final show or public performance as part of this class.



In the alpha level of this class, students will learn skills needed to create strong improvised scenes. These skills include building ensemble, giving and taking focus, object work, and the concept of “yes, and.” In addition, students will learn fundamental strategies for taking honest, personal experiences and turning them into compelling, entertaining stories.



The Improv Drop-in is a noncommittal, two hour class that will keep you on your toes and inject fun into your day. Drop-ins are designed for all levels so if you want to get extra class time, play with new people or work with amazing coaches then drop on by! Any current student or grad of The Second City is eligible to take this class. For any persons with equivalent training from other programs, please call our office to determine if this class is appropriate for you. We cap the class at 16 students, so arrive early to get a spot.


CONSERVATORY 1 (audition level)

Acting within Improv – put the two together.

Graduates of iO, UCB, & ComedySportz are eligible to bypass the audition and directly enroll!!! If you are a graduate of one of these schools fill out this form → and we can sign you up!



Original Characters – the next Austin Powers is within you!



Ensemble Improv – calm down, Austin Powers, it’s not all about you.



Beginning Re-Improvisation: Do it more than once and start to create sketches.



Advanced Re-Improvisation: Improvise drafts of group scenes and comic structure.



Create an original Second City style revue! Grad Revue classes perform Sunday evenings, culminating in 7 previews and 8 final performances in The Second City Hollywood Studio Theater.


Specialty Courses:


Join instructor Andy Cobb in a 6-week class on creating topical, rapid reaction comedy videos for the web. With media companies pivoting to video, the ability to create comedy in real time response to events is more valuable than ever. We will learn about scripting, distribution, directing, and producing your own work with your own materials, whether you have a DSLR or just a phone. By final class you’ll have scripts and your own video to begin building your relevant, growing comedy brand online.



Discover long form improvisation! Begin with the fundamentals of long form including tag outs, cut-tos, wipes, and scene painting. Explore the mindset of taking a single suggestion and turning it into a cohesive show. Study the montage and immerse in an ensemble and group mind. Students must pass an audition to enter into the Long Form Program. A solid grasp of improv scene work is recommended before auditions. Students must pass an audition to enter into the Long Form Program. A solid grasp of improv scene work is recommended before auditions. Sign up for auditions HERE

There will be one class performance in this level. This course is taught by Katie Nahnsen



If you’re passionate about what’s going on in the world today, and have a strong point of view on social and political issues, than this Long Form Master Class is for you. We’ll adapt existing forms like Living Room, Armando, Traditional Pad Sets, and more to create and perform long form satiric social and political commentary inspired by what’s happening in the news. From Trump to North Korea to the cost of LA Parking Meters, if its on your mind we’ll explore, comment, discover, and get it up on the stage!

This Master Class is taught by Marc Warzecha:
Marc Warzecha is a comedy writer living in Los Angeles. He is currently writing for Disney Digital’s Babble brand, and was a writer for part of Season 2 of Comedy Central’s “Detroiters”. Marc was a recent finalist in NBC Writers on the Verge and Final Draft Big Break. With The Second City comedy theatre, he is multiple-time Jeff Award nominated head writer/director. Select SC credits: “An Evening with Martin Short” (Second City Corporate – Tour), “Twist Your Dickens”(The Kennedy Center, Washington DC),  “War! Now in it’s 4th Smash Year!” (Second City Chicago Mainstage, Joseph Jefferson nominee: Best Director, Best Revue, Best Ensemble). His work as a satirist has been featured on ABC’s “Nightline”, Newsweek magazine, and the Washington Post, he has guested on CNN’s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” and NPR’s “All Things Considered.”



This intensive is for the ladies only, sorry fellas! We will work on strong initiations, committing to characters, and extreme yes, and. Jaime will also side-coach and work scenes to find game and add specifics. A must for the improviser who finds herself constantly playing mom or wife (or both at once, ewwww). Let’s work it out ladies, and find ways to be empowered within both our scene work and improv community!



This class in physical comedy strips away layers of self-consciousness while familiarizing students with the bare-bones of theatrical clowning. Learn to establish a direct and immediate relationship with an audience and become complicit with scene partners while moving through performance space with musicality. The class focuses on exercises in clowning, physical comedy, improvisation to heighten one’s natural sense of play. Students will amaze themselves as they begin to master the skillful juxtaposition of emotional blundering and physical precision.

This course will be taught by Dean Evans:
Dean Evans is a Los Angeles based professional performer, writer, and director. He was named one of the top 50 ‘players’ by new city magazine. He creates the popular webseries deanis. He has appeared on nbc’s chicago pd, russia’s минута славы, the onion network’s tough season 1 & 2, and various commercials and television. He has performed with the second city, io, the goodman, cirque du soliel, the neo-futurists, redmoon, collaboraction, the actor’s gymnasium and as a solo artist around the world. He is known for his physical performance and characters including the entity who simply goes by honeybuns. Dean has created over a dozen full length theatrical productions, various immersive experiences and alternate realities, 3 full length circuses, dozens of comedic characters. follow Dean on twitter or instagram.



Looking to delve deeper into character development? Want to explore various possibilities of character expression? This class will focus on character development as it pertains to vocal use and the finer points of using your instrument to its fullest. Students will develop original characters through physicality and explore how the voice comes into play in fully realizing those characters. We will explore character tempo, status, emotional life, breathing technique, vocal resonators and placement. This 4-hour Intensive will culminate in a final showcase performance of all original material.

Bring an SD camera memory card to have your showcase recorded.



The first level of the acting program examines fundamental acting skills focusing on tools from the intellectual side of the human condition. These tools include play analysis, beat work and monologue work. The stage/theater audition process will also be examined which will include resumes, headshots and audition etiquette. All improvisers should have acting classes as a part of their tool set. Add this class to your improv training or just learn the basics of acting on its own–no improv training is required to take this class.



Good auditioning skills are important to possess as an actor in Hollywood. There is a HUGE difference between being a good actor and being a good ?auditioner?. This class will explore some simple techniques that will have students delivering more powerful and memorable audition performances. Who doesn?t want to walk in the room feeling prepared and confident? This class will help students do just that! This 4-week class will explore all aspects of the audition process from preparation to performance in the room.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Making bold, specific choices
  • Script analysis and script technique
  • Trusting and believing in yourself
  • Being alive in the moment
  • Having strong wants and emotional connections to those wants
  • Buttons
  • How to dress
  • Use of props
  • Advertising Material

This class is taught by Doug Morency, an award winning Improviser with over 30 years of professional experience. He has been coaching actors in Los Angeles for the past 6 years and in that time his clients have booked numerous co-star, guest-star, and recurring roles, as well as testing for network series leads. Doug has a unique perspective on auditions. Over the last 6 years, Doug has organized and hosted numerous Casting Director workshops, through his studio Connect Studios LA. He has learned from literally hundreds of casting professionals as they taught actors the dos and don’ts of auditioning.



In this Acting workshop, students have the option of bringing in self-written monologues or monologues from published works. With a focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, we will work on digging deeper, personalizing the text, and grounding one’s self in the truth of the moment. This 4-hour workshop will culminate in a final performance.

Bring an SD camera memory card to have your performance recorded.



Develop yourself as a solo comedic performer by writing and workshopping your own material. By understanding how earlier stand-up comics evolved, students experiment outside their comfort zone and experiment until discovering their own unique style. Class culminates in a final performance in The Second City Hollywood Studio Theater.



Build on the skills developed in Stand-Up 101, honing your comedic voice through a variety of exercises and personal feedback. Class culminates in a final performance on one of The Second City Training Center’s stages.



Have you always wanted to try stand-up but were too intimidated to try? This workshop will take you from “Wish I could” to “Wow! I did!” in a supportive atmosphere, practice finding the comedy in real-life experiences and turn them into a stand-up set. This class will include writing, discussion, a bit of improvisation, and will prepare you for your first stand-up open mic performance. Bring in a few jokes that you wrote or funny ideas that could become jokes. We’ll help give your jokes structure, as well as give you the tools to begin developing your solo stage presence.



Live storytelling shows have become one of the fastest growing and most personal forms of entertainment in Los Angeles. With the popularity of shows like The Moth, Mortified and Porchlight, audiences have shown that they love to hear a well-crafted and fascinating story. In this class we will focus on the craft of 1st-person storytelling – how to structure an event from your life in a way that is interesting and entertaining to other people. At the completion of the four weeks, each of the students will walk out with one stage-ready story, which will be performed in the final class show.

About the instructor: Kevin McGeehan originally hails from Jacksonville, Florida. He is a grad of the University of Florida, an alum of The Second City Touring Company, and long time Second City Training Center faculty member. Since moving to Los Angeles, Kevin has continued to teach and perform with The Second City Hollywood. He is also an accomplished storyteller. He is a two-time Moth StorySlam Winner and his story, It Matters a Great Deal, was featured on The Moth Radio Hour (and will appear in The Moth’s next book, which will be released in March of 2017). His stories have been published in Men’s Health magazine, and the episodes of his storytelling podcast, Funny Cuz It’s True are available for free on iTunes.



Everyone has a story from their lives that will transfix anyone who is listening. The question is – can you do that again? Can you be memorable and interesting each time you tell that story? In this class, we will focus on finding your authentic voice as a 1st-person storyteller—refining the way you express yourself and owning your life experiences in a way that is honest, vulnerable, and connects with others. At the completion of the six weeks, each student will have a stage-ready story, the tools and techniques to craft a unique telling of their story, and the principles necessary to be able to do that every time. There is one class performance at the end of this process.



Second City Alumnus Kiff VandenHeuvel teaches this seven-week course covering the world of commercial and character voiceover. This class will help you discover what you’ll will need to get started in the world of voiceover. Learn about mic technique, demos, the difference between narrator and character reads, rates, tips, tricks and resources for building your career in the LA voiceover scene. At the end of class you’ll receive mp3 files of your work.



Looking to build your Actor/Improviser Tool Box? Want to bring your Irish Bartender into more crisp view? Got that Brooklyn Cab Driver you’ve been dying to perfect? This is the place to do it! Learn fun ways to expand your arsenal of character voices and regional dialects. In this workshop, we will explore character status, physicality, vocal placement, breathing techniques, and delve into a wide variety of accents and dialects. Each week will have a different regional focus. Participants will have the opportunity to create original characters as well as work with scripted material.



Musical Improv Essentials is an introductory class that is highly recommended for those interested in the musical improv program. Students are introduced to vocal performance, production, projection, and the fundamental concepts of musical improvisation. This class provides a great overview for everyone interested in music, Second City style.


Hiring a publicist costs anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars. Why not promote yourself? Whether you’re seeking media attention for an upcoming live show or podcast, or simply want to increase your profile for pilot season, this seminar will give you all the tools you need in a simple, straightforward manner.

The award-winning Shehori Brothers—who’ve served as the official publicists for Second City Toronto and the live SCTV Reunion—will provide everything needed to successfully publicize your upcoming shows and, more importantly, raise the industry’s awareness of you and your career. This 4-hour seminar will give you all the tools to advertise yourself—and your productions—for no money, create powerful press releases, garner print, radio, TV , web, and social media coverage, and establish solid, long-term relationships with the media and entertainment industry. Plus, everyone in attendance will receive a comprehensive media e-mail contact list (a $200 value), sample press releases and templates, plus ongoing assistance by phone and e-mail after the seminar is over.


Writing Courses:


Low pressure and lots of fun! Beginners explore their comic voice through in-class writing exercises. Learn sketch formatting and story structure while utilizing the Second City core concept of “yes and”. Learn to write comedy just for fun or to ready yourself for your Conservatory show.



Bentwood chairs, good object work and some lighting. The Second City is famous for getting the most out of sketch comedy with the least amount of props and costuming. Advanced sketch writing will help you write stageable scenes. The kind of sketched that would be ideal for premium shows, sketch ensembles, and grad revues. You will learn how to find material, pitch scene ideas, improvise those ideas and script them. The class will culminate with a rehearsal and final performance of the sketches written in class.

Must submit a sketch for consideration. Submissions will be accepted until 10/15 midnight. Please submit your sketch HERE. All sketches will remain your intellectual property.

This class is taught by Brett Guennel.



Second City alums have written for SNL, Key & Peele, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The Daily Show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, Thirty Rock, Parks & Rec and so many more. They honed their skills at The Second City and now you can too!

In Killer Comedy Structures you’ll learn core sketch comedy scene types like Fish out of Water, Center & Eccentrics, Clash of Context, Town Halls, Clotheslines, Blackouts and more! Through reading and viewing Second City scenes along with examples from past and current sketch television, instructor Rebekah Walendzak deconstructs core sketch styles and provides in-class feedback on student scenes. Prior writing experience is preferred, but not required. (No sketch or writing experience? Check out Intro to Comedy Writing!)



Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele); Tina Fey (30 Rock), all started creating social and political satire at The Second City. You’re in Hollywood for a reason. Learn valuable tools to create smart, sharp, hilariously biting satire for TV sketch, sitcom, screenplay, the web, or the stage.



Write desk bits, remote segments, guest pieces, sketch and a variety of segments for shows like Fallon, Conan, Kimmel, Seth Myers, Colbert, Ellen and more. Pitch monologue jokes, brainstorm, explore and heighten material in this collaborative Writer’s Room environment. Create original material to strengthen your writing samples, and produce the elements to put together your pitch packet for a talk show. Please bring a laptop or phone for Internet access.



Sketch Comedy – Learn to write sketches for TV shows like Saturday Night Live. Explore satire, character based sketches, commercial and television parodies, monologue/Weekend Update jokes, create scripts for digital shorts to promote your writing samples online and more. Collaborate with classmates and teacher to heighten and punch up ideas in this creative Writer’s Room experience. Please bring a laptop or phone for script sharing and Internet access.



With more and more diverse showcase shows and opportunities for diverse writers than ever before, being able to identify who you are, what your voice is, and how that voice can best come through in your writing is essential. By the end of this class, through writing assignments and exercises, you’ll walk away with more focused sketches that truly reflect you, your point of view, and experiences.

About the instructor: Dwayne Colbert is a graduate of Second City’s sketch writing, improv conservatory, and directing programs. He has been a writer for Nickelodeon, has toured with The Second City aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, and has recently appeared on VEEP, Baskets, Silicon Valley, Speechless and in numerous national commercials.Dwayne wrote and directed the hit musical comedy, Afros & Ass Whoopins, which hilariously tackled the hot-button issue of police brutality, and ran for a year and half in Los Angeles. Dwayne writes, performs and directs improv and sketch comedy at Second City Hollywood, UCB, The Nerdist School, iO West, and The Pack Theater in Los Angeles.



Join Instructor Emily Walker in a 7-week class on creating your very own web series. With the success of web series like Brown Girls or Broad City, creating your own can jump start your career. We will learn about storyline, character development and dialogue, as well as focus on the logistics of shooting. Tell your story while working on skills that you will use the rest of your career. By the final class expect to have a fully fleshed out web series as well as your pilot shot.



A spec script is an idea you have for an episode of an existing show (remember how you thought Liz Lemon should marry Pete Hornberger?). Learn sitcom story format, how to match the voice and tone of the show, how to give and take notes, and what the industry is looking for in a good spec. At the end of the class, you’ll have a rough draft.



Students who already have a rough first draft of a spec script will work to bring their script up to a professional level final draft by: receiving notes on their rough draft rewriting, honing in on character voices and show tone, and punching up jokes all while using the classroom as a simulated writers room..



Television Pilots – Discover the fundamentals of creating a pilot pitch for an original sitcom. Understand what the market is looking for and how to present your idea and make them laugh in the room. Craft log lines to character breakdowns, a synopsis and future episode ideas. Pitch your ideas; collaborate with classmates to explore and heighten show elements, culminating with your pitch and pitch packet. Please bring a laptop or phone for Internet access. Have 1-3 ideas ready to pitch.



In this 7-week course, instructor Brendan Kelly works with you to realize your Dramedy script. You’ll learn about tone, theme, and the balance of humor & drama to really nail your vision. Analyze what great dramedies like Orange is the New Black, Insecure, and Freaks & Geeks do best, and how you can use those tools for your show. Whether you want to workshop a completed script, or start from page one, the class will be tailored to each student and their progress.

Students must have completed a Spec or Pilot course either at SC or any other writing institution.


Youth Classes:


What kind of kid is yours? Shy kid? Class clown? Smart aleck? Get them into these classes that will feed what they need. They will learn improv exercises and games. No experience needed. Each term is 7 weeks long and designed to be taken several times.



Inclusive Improv is great for enhancing eye contact, building peer relationships, and stretching creative potential while playing games, listening, collaborating, and most importantly having fun!!!

The instructor team from The Second City and Zip Zap Zop Enrichment have experience working with children with special needs and providing improv programs and workshops at various schools in the LA area. Students will learn the same skills as a mainstream improv program with additional supports, pacing and comfort level that fits the needs of the group.


KID ACTING (ages 10-12)

Learn the basic skills of acting. Monologues, scenes and exercises are used to examine techniques an actor uses to establish a character. In this course, students discover skills found in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Exercises include movement, sense memory, personalization, objective, beat work and beginning text analysis. Learn about auditioning as well as working in the business.


TEEN ACTING (ages 13-18)

Learn the basic skills of acting. Monologues, scenes and exercises are used to examine techniques an actor uses to establish a character. In this course, students discover skills found in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Exercises include movement, sense memory, personalization, objective, beat work and beginning text analysis. Learn about auditioning as well as working in the business.


Discover and express your unique comedic voice and develop your personal style as a stand-up comedian. We will focus on generating original material, building stage presence and celebrating your take on the world.


TEEN SKETCH (ages 13-18)

Teen Sketch is a quick and fun entry into the world of sketch comedy writing. This is an exercise-based class WITH NO GRADES (woohoo!) that is all about generating ideas and exploring point of view while learning some terminology along the way. Homework includes watching TV, Youtube clips and posting on the Discussion Board. Gain enough Experience Points (XP) and you are ready to Level Up.



This advanced improv class is for students who have taken our Youth and Teen Improv classes and are ready for the next step. This is an audition level course.

  • Advanced Improv · Saturdays · 10-12PM (10/28-12/16)



The Teen Troupe is a seven week class designed for students who would like a deeper exploration of improvisation. The course will build ensemble technique and facility in improvisation. This will be accomplished through both long and short form improv work, culminating in a public presentation at The Second City Studio Theatre. Performances are held each week during the class term. Students are admitted to class by interview/audition only. Class size is limited and we are giving first priority to former students of the Teen Performance classes.

  • Teen Troupe · Saturdays · 4-7PM (10/28-12/16)



Students living away from one of the Second City Training Centers can still study comedy sketch writing! In Online Sketch Writing 1 students receive individual instruction through online correspondence, exploring the fundamentals of character development and theatrical scene structure. Exercises include a variety of comedic genres, from “Simple Yet Impossible Goal” to “Clash of Context” to “Inappropriate Response.” This course is conducted by e-mail and online correspondence with a Writing instructor.


Building on Online Sketch Writing 1, students will continue to learn the universal comedy techniques used in mainstream media as well as focusing on satire, character development and rewriting.



Write desk bits, monologues and a variety of segments for shows like Conan, Letterman, Kimmel, Ellen and more. Create original material to strengthen your writing samples.



Building on Online Writing for Late Night and TV Talk Shows 1, this class will consist of joke maximizers for monologue jokes, finding the angle for your joke, monologue jokes with visual punch lines, bits or mini sketches within a monologue, rants on a topic like John Oliver/Seth Meyers, coming up with extra segments for celebrity guests, recurring segment ideas, Fallon-type games with guests, and Sweeps weeks/big ideas for the shows like Kimmel’s “Wall of America.” Students work together more in this level, and explore and heighten each others ideas in this collaborative writer’s room environment!



You’ve been talking about your sitcom idea forever already. Make it happen! Learn what the market is looking for (seriously, what are they looking for?), how to present your idea, and make them laugh in the room. You’ll end this course with an original pitch packet – from log lines to character breakdowns to future episodes.


A sellable screenplay = quit your day job. This class will help you create characters, understand structure & learn to pitch. You’ll end this course with an outline of your [awesome] screenplay idea as well as the start of your script.



Some may judge you for your Netflix binge watching, but we say you are (Amazon) primed and raring to get down to some major parody writing! Instructor Rebekah Walendzak will teach you tools for writing parodies of your favorites! Not to be confused with our satire offerings, these kinds of sketches are fun for the sake of fun without any of that pesky political ire that’s sent you back to therapy. What media will be covered? TV, film, digital, web, commercials, podcasts, and more! And did we mentions songs? Yes. You will also write a parody song. Watch out, Weird Al.



You’ve learned how to write a Fish Out of Water sketch. You’ve learned the concepts of ‘Insane in a Sane World’ and ‘Sane in a an Insane World.’ Have you had the opportunity to write BOTH types? AND get feedback? AND REWRITE them? This course is an intensive in all things Fish Out of Water. Get ready to generate new ideas, new sketches and rewrite old ones. YOU ARE NOT THE Fish Out of Water HERE. Jump in, the water’s fine!


Teen Sketch is a quick and fun entry into the world of sketch comedy writing. This is an exercise-based class WITH NO GRADES (woohoo!) that is all about generating ideas and exploring point of view while learning some terminology along the way. Homework includes watching TV, Youtube clips and posting on the Discussion Board. Gain enough Experience Points (XP) and you are ready to Level Up.


Intro to Comedy Writing Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • Jan 22-26th 2018

Writing for Late Night TV & Talk Shows INT • Mon-Fri 11-4:30Pm • Jan 29-Feb 2nd 2018

Creating Your Pilot Pitch Packet INT • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • Feb 26-Mar 2nd 2018

Writing Hilarious Social & Political Satire Intensive • Fri-Sun 11-7PM • March 19-23rd 2018

Sitcom Spec Level Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • April 23-27th 2018

Intro to Comedy Writing Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • May 7-11th 2018

Writing Strong Women Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • May 14-18th 2018

Acting 1: Beginning Acting Intensive • Fri-Sun 11-7PM • May 11-13th 2018

Writing for Sketch TV Intensive • Fri-Sun 11-7PM • June 15-17th 2018

Creating a Web Series • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • June 18-22th 2018

Physical Comedy Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • July 9-13th 2018

Writing for Late Night TV & Talk Shows INT • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • July 23-27th 2018

Stand-Up 1 Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • August 27-31st 2018

Creating Your Pilot Pitch Packet INT • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • Sep 17-21st 2018

Writing Bold Characters Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • Oct 29-Nov 2nd 2018

Intro to Comedy Writing Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • Nov 26-30th 2018

Sitcom Spec Level Intensive • Mon-Fri 11-4:30PM • Dec 10-14th 2018

Stand-Up 1 Intensive • Fri-Sun 11-7PM • December 14-16th 2018


Term 6 Classes & Registration