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The Second City’s Second Takes: November Edition

The Second City’s Second Takes: November Edition

Winter is coming…and so are the Michael Bublé holiday tunes.

‘Nothing to Lose (But Our Chains)’ Opens To Rave Reviews In D.C.

‘Nothing to Lose (But Our Chains)’ Opens To Rave Reviews In D.C.

“Arguably the finest work the busy Second City has done in D.C.” -Washington Post

Improv Rules: Thanksgiving Edition

Improv Rules: Thanksgiving Edition

As an improviser, Thanksgiving can be difficult. While you’re typically inclined to incorporate all aspects of your improv training into your daily life, the fact of the matter is that the “rules” of improv don’t always translate seamlessly to any situation.

So, what’s The Second City?

The Second City has been bringing the funny for over 50 years, but here’s the short version.

We began as a small comedy theater, and have grown to become today’s leading brand in improv-based sketch comedy. With a variety of theaters, training centers and full-time, touring ensembles, you can find us all over the world.

We’ve also taken improv off the stage, expanding our business to include collaborations with corporate clients, and television and film productions.

And we have more than a handful of successful Second City alum that we aren’t too modest to mention, like Tina Fey, Chris Farley, Bill Murray, and Keegan-Michael Key.

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So You Want to Try Stand-Up - The Second City

So You Want to Try Stand-Up

Have you always wanted to try stand-up but were too intimidated to try? This workshop will take you from “Wish I could” to “Wow! I did!” in a supportive atmosphere, practice finding the comedy in real-life experiences and turn them into a stand-up set. This class will include writing, discussion, a bit of improvisation, and will prepare you for your first stand-up open mic performance. Bring in a few jokes that you wrote or funny ideas that could become jokes. We’ll help give your jokes structure, as well as give you the tools to begin developing your solo stage presence.

Upcoming Class Registration - The Second City

Upcoming Class Registration

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Online Teen Sketch (ages 15-18) - The Second City

Online Teen Sketch (ages 15-18)

Teen Sketch is a quick and fun entry into the world of sketch comedy writing. This is an exercise-based class WITH NO GRADES (woohoo!) that is all about generating ideas and exploring point of view while learning some terminology along the way. Homework includes watching TV, Youtube clips and posting on the Discussion Board. Gain enough Experience Points (XP) and you are ready to Level Up.