The Most Boss Gift Ideas To Give This Administrative Professionals' Day

By Stacey Zapalac | Apr 26, 2017

April 26th marks Administrative Professionals' Day (formerly National Secretaries Day). What do you give that special person who works tirelessly on your behalf day-in and day-out?  Here are some gifting do’s and don’ts for your favorite administrative synergizer.

The OfficeMax Option

Your administrative professional is organized, prepared and proactive, diligently coordinating and updating every aspect of your work life. You think nothing says “thank you for your administrative support” better than an OfficeMax-themed gift basket filled with toner cartridges, staples, paper clips and those little flags that say “sign here.” Instead of office supplies, give a more personalized gift to your admin.  A Successories Lunch Cooler lets your work sidekick know just how important he or she is, while simultaneously keeping their tuna fish sandwich, Nutri-Grain bar and carrot sticks cool.    

Baked Goods From the Heart

Your delightful administrative professional thoughtfully brings in bagels, muffins and donuts for the office troops. Even though you have never baked a day in your life, you want to repay the favor. You contemplate whipping up and gifting a homemade chocolate babka or a cheese soufflé. What could be more thoughtful than homemade baked goods from the boss?  In lieu of giving the gift of food poisoning, opt for a Harry & David Sweet Treats Gift Tower.  No need to inflict intestinal malaise on your admin’s special day.

Adventure Awaits

Your faithful administrative professional is always by your side and rarely takes personal time off. You feel giving the gift of adventure may be just what your right-hand man or woman needs to add a little spice to their life. Purchasing trapeze lessons for your admin is the first thing that pops into your mind. What better way to chart a course for adventure than having your administrative professional swinging 25 feet above the ground? Instead of gifting acrophobia, consider purchasing your admin a GoPro camera and head strap mount. They can make every day seem like an adventure while wearing and capturing extreme action video of daily office life with you. 

Celebratory Gestures

You are lucky enough to have a hard working administrative professional in your corner. You think the best way to show your admin you couldn’t function without him or her is to give out a good old fashioned high five. This interactive gesture indicates you think your admin is doing a great job and to keep up the good work.  Throwing in a low five and a “too slow” on this special day might not hurt either.  It’s the thought that counts, right? Instead, opt to give a singing card from Hallmark. Nothing makes Administrative Professional’s Day more memorable than a cashless thank you card that sings Who Let The Dogs Out.

Sending Mixed ‘Massages’

Your relationship is purely platonic, however you both know the ins and outs of each other’s lives. Heck, you can even finish each other’s sentences. You think the gift of relaxation would be perfect for your favorite admin professional. You are considering gifting a Massage Envy gift card and Mad About You scented Bath and Body Works lotion. Throw in a bottle of moderately priced rosé, and this gift screams, “I appreciate you!” A word of warning: intimate gifts like these will guarantee a visit from Linda in Human Resources. To avoid this awkwardness, try giving the gift of conservation. Sponsor a zoo animal in your administrative professional’s name. Supporting Sarni the snow leopard or Zachary the western lowland gorilla will give your administrative professional almost as much satisfaction as working with you. 

Stacey Zapalac (
@smzapalac) is a humor writer who has studied at The Second City Training Center in Chicago.

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