Drop-Ins, Workshops, And Intensives

Are you looking to visit to experience the vitality of the sketch and improvisation community? Are you a local who just wants to spend some concentrated time digging into The Second City method of writing and improvisation? Our comedy boot camps attract students from all over the country and abroad. Come learn new skills, meet new friends, and take advantage of the comedy scene!

Please note that some of these classes will be delivered online.

Drop-In Class

Improv Drop-in (Online)

Bring real, live fun from The Second City into your living room

Looking for laughs? Tired of TikTok? Already finished everything on all of Netflix? We’ve figured out how to bring real, live fun straight from The Second City to you! Our totally digital, totally FUN improv drop-in classes are for…

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Stand Up Drop-in (Online)

Learn the basics to writing and performing stand-up comedy from the comfort of your socially distanced home! Using the glories of modern technology, you and a group of fellow peers will “meet” with one of our comedy experts to learn how to “find the funny” all while getting a sneak…

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Advanced Improv Drop-in (Online)

Spend your night(s) with our advanced improv teachers and keep those comedy muscles nice and toned.

No prerequisite, but improv instruction/experience is recommended. Not as experienced? Try one of the Improv Drop-Ins we offer throughout the week!…

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Specialty Intensives

Satire and Humour Writing with Sophie Kohn (Online)

Over this four-class intensive, learn to write short, satirical pieces in the style of McSweeney’s, The Beaverton, Reductress, Shouts and Murmurs, and The Onion. Explore the elements that make for especially powerful, smart, memorable and ~funny~ humour writing as you and your fellow students workshop…

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Improv Intensives

Improv Level A Intensive

Your Level A Improv class is the introduction to The Second City’s “Yes, And” philosophy. Through group games and exercises, apply this philosophy to working with others, trusting yourself, and not being afraid to fail.

Level A, B and C Intensives are offered throughout the year.  Intensives are the same curriculum and…

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Improv Level B Intensive

Start telling stories in Improv Level B by choosing where and who you are and what your relationship is with your scene partner. Discover what your scene is about and what “tilts” the world in your story….

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Improv Level C Intensive

Discover all the exciting ways you can create a character in Improv Level C. Explore physical choices, emotional choices and start playing with status. You’ll now have clearly defined characters and relationships set in detailed locations as you begin to improvise stories. Experiment with using music to help tell your…

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