Student Performance Opportunities

Student Performance Schedule

Coached ensembles are a great opportunity for all Improv A-E and Improv for Actors students to get more stage experience. Ensembles will be created and coached by one of our fantastic faculty members. Each ensemble gets a multi-week run in the Skybox Theater on Thursday nights at 10:30.

Coached Ensembles are only open to current and former Training Center students. Check the Training Center Auditions page for audition times and sign-ups.

Sketch Cast is a showcase in which actors perform their own material, as part of an ensemble. Groups will be cast via a submission AND audition process. Members will be selected by faculty directors based on their writing submission, resume, and audition.

Sketch Cast is open to all current and former Second City Training Center students. There are no prerequisites, but please note submissions will be reviewed prior to approval. Check the Training Center Auditions page for submission guidelines and audition information.

Students in Writing 5-6 are creating a stage revue and need performers. Auditions are generally held in week 7 or 8 of a term. Auditions are only open to Training Center students, and you must be available for rehearsal during the Writing 6 class time.

Check the Training Center Auditions page for audition times and sign-ups.


Open to current and former Second City Training Center students, the Thursday night improv jam takes place at 10pm every week. A Second City faculty member will lead participants through fun and ensemble-building improv games and sets. Learn new games, meet fellow improvisers, or come just for the fun!

No registration required, but there is a sign-in sheet.
FREE, 1-2 hours

Every Thursday at 10pm.

Attendees are also encouraged to see Coached Ensemble shows on Thursdays at 10:30pm.

If you feel that improv helps you with your mental and/or physical health, join us for a Wellness Jam. It’s open to everyone and will highlight some of the ways improv improves our lives. The Wellness Jam is open to students of all levels, whether you’ve improvised or not. It’s a great opportunity to learn, grow, practice, have fun, meet new people and manage your self care.

Wellness Jams meet on the second Tuesday of every month from 10:00-11:45 p.m. in Room 207 with instructor Lisa Bany.

Have you always wanted to improvise on stage with your favorite teacher? Jam Sandwich is the all-improvised show featuring Second City Training Center faculty and students! Every Thursday night at 10:30, join us in the de Maat Studio Theatre for a jammin' good time. Sign up at the de Maat box office when you come to see the show, and we will select a few random students to perform the following week.

Tickets are $5 general admission at the door.

Join Winter Davis and guest hosts for a free stand-up open mic on Saturdays at 9pm in Room 405. To get a slot, please fill out this form by Friday at 2pm. Walk-ins are able to sign up after that time in the Training Center.

Improv groups of 5 people or more are eligible to perform a 15-minute opening slot for one of our three Severn Darden Graduate Program shows. For more details or to submit your team as an opening act, email Jesse Swanson.

The Second City invites current students and graduates of the Training Center to submit proposals to produce shows in Second City's Studio Theaters. Shows may be scripted or improvised. The person submitting the proposal should have a significant role in the production such as actor, director, writer or producer.

On your proposal, apply not only for dates that work for your cast and crew’s schedules, but also for time slots appropriate to the show. See below for further specifics.

Proposals generally will be accepted every three months. Updated information about available slots and proposal deadlines will be posted here and emailed to students.

Things to Keep In Mind When Submitting a Show Proposal:

  • Clarity / detailed completion of proposal - Make sure that you have a clear vision for what your show will be and have thought through the entire concept.
  • Appropriate fit to requested time slot(s) - Have in mind both the type of content you’re creating as well as the type of audience you’d like to attract. Traditionally, 7:00 or 7:30 time slots are more ideal for family fare, while a 10:00 or 10:30 slot would be better fit for more edgy or experimental material. Time slots and run lengths will vary based on availability.
  • Experience - Have you put up productions at other places? What other training or performance experience do you and/or your ensemble members have?
  • Flexibility - Specific preferences are appreciated, but please also indicate if your show’s length can vary or if you are available or interested for any time slots outside your primary choices.
  • Enthusiasm & Marketing Strategy - We want to see that you’re excited about the work you’re presenting and that you have a detailed and aggressive plan for how you’re going to get butts in seats.

*We are currently accepting submissions for September - November. Please visit our Chicago Show Proposals page and submit the new online application.

Want to play on our stages rent free? Submit your group for a single performance as part of our new One Night Only Series. Perform alone or double billed with another team. Please submit the name of your team and we'll take care of the rest! For more details or to submit your improv team, email Stephanie Case.