Adult Intensives

Our intensive programs attract students from all over the country and abroad. Come learn new skills, meet new friends, and take advantage of the comedy scene!

Please note that some of these classes will be delivered online.


Satire and Humour Writing with Sophie Kohn (Online)

Over this four-class intensive, learn to write short, satirical pieces in the style of McSweeney’s, The Beaverton, Reductress, Shouts and Murmurs, and The Onion. Explore the elements that make for especially powerful, smart, memorable and ~funny~ humour writing as you and your fellow students workshop…

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Premise Generation with Carly Heffernan (Online)

Get ready to try an absolute abundance of tried and true exercises for creating sketch comedy. Leave the course not only equipped with these techniques for the future but with a list of amazing scene ideas/premises ready to go. Bye-Byeeeeee Writer’s Block!

About the instructor: Carly Heffernan is an award winning…

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3-Day Intensives

Voiceover Intensive

You’ll be getting behind the mic (or phone, or laptop) to read scripts and get coaching either live with the class or one on one over email. This class is open to anyone with an interest in Voiceover work or for anyone with an interest in bettering their communication skills…

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Improv 1 Intensive

Improv 1 introduces students to the fundamental concept of “Yes, And” in improvisation. Through group exercises and games, students will explore impulse & spontaneity, listening, being present in the moment, taking risks, finding agreement (making & accepting offers) and other basic building blocks of improvisation, all in a supportive environment…

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Improv 2 Intensive

Improv 2 introduces students to the skills needed for character work, an element essential to dynamic improvised scenes. Students will explore creating characters through internal motivations like point of view, status, wants & intentions – as well as external ones like physicality and relationships to other characters. They will learn…

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Acting 1 Intensive

In a Second City revue, the comedy partly derives from the writing of the scenes; the premise, jokes, satire, etc… But the truly deep audience laughs, the laughs that people remember for years after the show, come from great performances. In this first level of the Second City Acting Program,…

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Writing 1 Intensive

Writing 1 is for any student who is looking to start the journey of writing to and for a Second City-style revue. This class is the foundation for scenic comedy writing, a guide for utilizing an improviser’s skill set for rapid creation, and learning writing refinement. The concepts and tools…

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Stand Up 1 Intensive

In Stand Up 1 you will develop yourself as a solo comedic performer by writing and workshopping your own material. By understanding how earlier stand up comics evolved, you will experiment outside your comfort zone and experiment until discovering your own unique style. Students will have regular writing assignments during…

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Advanced Improv

Big Choices Bootcamp with Ted Hambly

Stuck in a scene and not sure what to do? Have you and your scene partner lost energy and confidence in what is going on? Big Choices Bootcamp will give you the tools and practice to be able to invest and then reinvest in your offers, scenework and partners in…

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Scene Diagnostics with Matt Folliott (Online)

Strong scenes are the backbone of any improv show and as we get comfortable as performers we can fall into habits good and bad, like playing the same character or making the same offers. This workshop will challenge and push you to make new, exciting choices in your scenes with…

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Go With The Group with Matt Folliott (Online)

Group scenes can be challenging. How do we share focus when we’re all on stage and what do we focus on to explore when we all have our own ideas? This workshop will introduce you to different approaches for fun, focused group scenes and creating group mind within your ensemble…

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