Music Program

The Second City Music Program is dedicated to helping students explore comedy’s unique relationship to music through voice, improvisation, and songwriting.

Please note that some of these classes will be delivered online.

Drop-In Class

Musical Improv Drop-in (In-Person)

Is there a song in your heart that you would love to explore? Join us for a taste of musical improv! Learn improv skills and games through a musical lens while meeting new people in a fun and supportive environment. No experience is necessary to participate in this playful 90…

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Intro to Musical Improv

Musical Improv Fundamentals

Musical Improv Fundamentals is a dive into the basic concepts behind comedic song improvisation. Topics we will cover include melody building, simple song structures, rhyming, and game play, all approached with a comedic eye. Come ready to sing, play, and laugh! No pre-requisite required!…

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Musical Improv: Skills and Stories!

What’s even more fun than learning to improvise? Learning to improvise through song! This class in narrative musical improv will raise your technical know-how, and give you room to play in a supportive and fun environment! Each class will address a skill necessary for great music improv, and give you…

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Musical Improv: Songs and Shows!

This music ensemble class is for students who have completed the Skills and Stories! track, and are ready for an audience! This seven week performance class will focus on ensemble building, and creating and rehearsing a unique show. For the best experience, it is highly recommended that students have access…

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Musical Improv

The Tools of Musical Improv

The Musical Improv and Sketch Program

Music is an intrinsic part of a show at The Second City, with songs and musical improvisation often the highlight of our shows. And who doesn’t want to sing? This program is for any trained improviser who would like to deepen their musical skills, learn…

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Intermediate Musical Improv

In the second level, the ensemble will begin putting the pieces together to build songs as a team for longer form improvisations. They will learn about song forms, and how to play moments with strong character choices and subtext. This level ends with a show at the end of the…

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Advanced Musical Improv

The third level of the program will focus on genres, narrative, more complex forms, and how to use music as a vehicle for satire. 

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The Musical Improv Show

This level focuses on using the tools learned to build a musical improv show! The ensemble will rehearse several different show concepts, and perform four unique shows in the second half of the term.

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Intro to Musical Sketch

Level 5 is a continuance of the program, and also an entry point for students who would like their comedy music education to focus on songwriting. This level will require improvisation and performance, but will use the tools of re-improvisation and…

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Writing a Musical Sketch Show

The final level is a rehearsal and show building term. The ensemble will continue developing and writing material, while developing their musical sketch show. It will end with a four performance

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Music On-Demand

Intro to Comedic Songwriting (On-demand)

In Online Intro to Comedic Songwriting you will learn to turn a strong point of view into a great comedic song. Work with classic song structures to strengthen your lyrics, and discover how melody and musical style can influence your songwriting. In this four-week online course, you will receive specific,…

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