Music Program

The Second City Music Program is dedicated to helping students explore comedy’s unique relationship to music through voice, improvisation, and songwriting.

Musical Improv

Music Improv

The Second City Music Improv Program is a five-term program that covers all the areas of musical improv, from short form games to the long form narrative musical, and everything in between. The Music Improv Program helping students explore comedy’s unique relationship to music through improvisation. Every level of the…

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Project Broadway: From Musical Improv to Original Musical in 8 Weeks!

Do you love improvising with music and song? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at creating original musicals yourself? Dive into the creation process of an original musical in just 8 weeks based solely on improvisation and strong ensemble work. Learn about the methods and practices for improvising…

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Music Improv Fundamentals

Music Improv Fundamentals is for improvisers who would like to start exploring music improv. The ideal student will have some improv training and an interest in learning the basics of music improv. This class is crucial to learning the basics of music improv. It also lays the foundation for students…

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Music Improv Drop-in

Are you interested in taking a music improv class, but you’re not quite sure if it’s right for you? Give it a test drive! Our weekly drop-in music improv class for beginners is open to everyone. It’s a great opportunity to practice, have some fun, and meet new people!
Classes meet…

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Comedic Songwriting

Every comedic medium benefits from variety, and music helps add that variety. Whether a student is interested in becoming a full-fledged musical comedian, or just wants to add a song to their stand-up routine, Comedic Songwriting is a good way to learn how to do that.

Comedic Songwriting is for students…

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Vocal Basics 1 (2020)

Vocal Basics 1 focuses on vocal technique for both singing and speaking. Students also receive a brief introduction to using their voice in improvised song.Students learn how to warm up their voice, learn about placement and breathing, and learn how to physicalize and use their voice through different characters. Students…

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Vocal Basics 2 (2020)

In Vocal Basics 2, students continue to focus on the basics learned in Vocal Basics 1. They also work on a musical theatre song, learning with the help of instructor guidance and eventually presenting their song to the class in a master class-style presentation.

Vocal Basics 2 is open to students…

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Individual Vocal Coaching

The greatest tool every performer has and consistently uses is their voice, and yet it is often the last thing we take care of and develop. Whether you are someone who wants to sing every day, or someone who wants to get through an audition; someone who finds themselves losing…

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Private Voice Lessons

Private Lessons

One-On-One Coaching

The Second City Training Center offers individual, customized coaching in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

Monologue prep
On-camera audition prep
Dialects Accent Coaching

Youth & Teen Coaching
Audition Prep
Monologue Prep

Advanced sketch critique
Screenplay & Sitcom coaching
Sketch Production (Coaching a group through their first production)
Sketch generation & critique…

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