Advanced Improv Program

This Advanced Improv Program places more specific and specialized material in front of a more advanced student. Offerings include Improvisational acting, scene work, and long form. Rules fall away and satirical point of view come to the forefront preparing students for work at Second City and beyond.

Beginning Improv for Advanced Actors

Improv for Actors (2020)

The Improv for Actors program teaches trained actors the fundamentals of improv. Skills acquired in this program can be applied to scripted and non-scripted work. Become more improvisational in written moments and more confident when asked to improvise.

Improv for Actors 1

Cover the fundamental elements of scenic improv, from creating environment and…

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Advanced Improv

Scenic Improv 1

Improvised scene work is one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences in the entertainment world. A great improv scene is more than two people standing on stage talking; it engages the audience and takes them somewhere. Strong scene work is essential for advancing your improv career. Scenic Improv 1…

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Dramatic Improv 1

That’s Not Funny: Dramatic Improv 1 is for anyone looking to take comedic scene work seriously by creating honest moments that lead to big laughs. By laying this authentic groundwork in improvisation, deeper meaning and bona fide acting will become a reliable way to approach improvisation. When improvising scenes for…

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Stuck in a rut? Bombed your audition? Sometimes to move forward, you need a little tough love. In this class you will be individually evaluated to identify unique improv issues and work towards fixing them. Learn from your mistakes and unlock your potential.

Diagnostics is taught by Craig Uhlir. It…

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Private Lesson

Team Coaching

The Second City Training Center now offers team improv and sketch coaching. This service is available at or in the vicinity of any of our three Training Centers (Chicago, Hollywood, Toronto) and also available via Skype. Our team coaches are all skilled instructors and directors that have worked with Second…

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