Acting Program

The Acting Program empowers the student with the necessary core skills to take responsibility of their own growth and learning as an actor. This program offers the student a unique method of acting that enables students to discover skills found in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Each level of the program builds upon the skills achieved from the previous one. Auditioning and working in the business will also be examined. Great for beginners or for actors who have been out of the classroom for a while.

Please note that some of these classes will be delivered online.


Acting 1

In a Second City revue, the comedy partly derives from the writing of the scenes; the premise, jokes, satire, etc… But the truly deep audience laughs, the laughs that people remember for years after the show, come from great performances. In this first level of the Second City Acting Program,…

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Acting 2

The Second City logo of a solitary bentwood chair is symbolic for our traditional lack of scenery and costumes because “all we need is a chair and a stage.” As our actors perform several characters each night under these limitations, it forces us to truly define our characters. This class…

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Acting 3

For over 60 years, The Second City has been archiving scripts and video from all of the resident stage revues. In this class, students will be assigned scenes and monologues from this collection to workshop and perform. When actors are handed a script, before they can start thinking about character…

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Voice & Speech

Dialects & Character Voices (Online)

Core Programming

Looking to build your Actor/Improviser Tool Box? Want to bring your Irish Bartender into more crisp view? Got that Brooklyn Cab Driver you’ve been dying to perfect? This is the place to do it! Learn fun ways to expand your arsenal of character voices and regional dialects. In this…

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Audition Preparation

Auditioning for TV and Film

This is a 7-week workshop focusing on preparation and performance techniques specifically for the audition. The goal of this class is to help Actors feel more confident in their audition preparation so they can perform more confidently in the room or in a self-tape. This class will cover all aspects…

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The Commercial Audition Boot Camp (Online)

In today’s world of virtual communication, putting yourself out there as an actor and improviser can be challenging. Landing a commercial audition is one thing…but consistently delivering best-in-class performances geared towards specific audiences and commercial needs is critical.

The Commercial Audition Boot Camp from The Second City gives students a behind-the-scenes…

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The Art of the Self-Tape (Online)

Learn self-tape techniques from veteran actor and director Shari Hollett. As the industry moves more towards self-tape submissions as a central pillar of the casting process, this class will give you the agency and confidence to create professional-quality self-tapes that will help you stand out to casting directors. This class…

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Voiceover 101 (On-demand)

Join Kathleen Puls Andrade for an intensive look at the Voiceover industry and learn the skills needed to make it in this competitive field. You’ll be getting behind the mic (or phone, or laptop) to read scripts and get coaching and evaluation of your work. Then you’ll take the direction…

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Advanced Voiceover (On-demand)

Join Kathleen Puls Andrade for an intensive five week look at the Voiceover industry and learn the skills needed to make it in this competitive field. This class is both recorded and interactive. You’ll be getting behind the mic (or phone, or laptop) to read scripts then post them in…

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Acting Online

Sitcom for Actors Levels 101 & 201 (Online)

Level 101 – This is a 5-week Sitcom workshop focusing on script analysis, technique and the audition. The goal of this intensive is to make good actors and funny people more consistently successful in the audition room. Excellent practice for the seasoned actor; also, a great place to start for beginners….

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Acting 101 – Fundamentals Through Genre (On-demand)

This class teaches a solid, fundamental approach to acting that can be applied to any style or genre of material. After establishing a core process, put it immediately into practice by tackling different styles of scripts each week. Students learn and discuss key elements in scripts, as well as submit…

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Hosting 101 (Online)

A class to get more improvisers comfortable hosting improv shows – setting up improv games, keeping the show moving forward and keeping the energy up. Hosting: the ultimate way to make your partners look good!

Prerequisite: Improv 3/C or equivalent education

Course not offered and you want to take it? Add your name…

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Advanced Acting Program

Advanced Acting Program

The Advanced Acting Program is for students who wish to acquire the skills to pursue a career as a professional actor. By focusing on the acting lessons in this acting program, students gain tools to help them to audition effectively and create detailed performances. The program is divided into two…

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Acting Lab

Acting Lab Level 1

Scene study and Style

Acting Lab 1 provides you with the knowledge and confidence to perform in different scenes of varied styles. By learning and practicing genre-specific acting exercises, you can approach the work of acting with a deeper understanding of scenic study. With these lessons, you’ll be able to access…

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Acting Lab Level 2

Advanced Auditioning

This class equips you with the required aptitude in acting ability and expertise in the world of entertainment. Acting Lab 2 is an investigation into how to book acting roles and how to sustain a career as a professional actor. You will learn how to use acting skills developed…

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Acting Lab Level 3


Acting Lab 3 is the summation and final step in the Acting Lab program which results in an entertainment industry showcase. Students use every acting lesson and acting exercise experienced in previous levels and apply them to form a presentation to industry professionals with the goal of generating interest in…

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Acting Lab Auditions

The Acting Lab is an advanced acting program for students who wish to acquire the skills to pursue a career as a professional actor. By focusing on the acting lessons in this acting program, students gain tools to help them to create detailed performances.

You need to have completed the four…

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Physical Performance

Speechless! A Physical Comedy Workshop

Cat got your tongue? Good! You won’t need it for this class while you hone your object and environment work. Learn to be comfortable with silence and use it to explore and forward scenes. Create (or destroy) worlds with nothing but your hands and imagination. In this class we’ll use…

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