Acting Program

The Acting Program empowers the student with the necessary core skills to take responsibility of their own growth and learning as an actor. This program offers the student a unique method of acting that enables students to discover skills found in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Each level of the program builds upon the skills achieved from the previous one. Auditioning and working in the business will also be examined. Great for beginners or for actors who have been out of the classroom for a while.


Acting 1 (2020)

Acting 1 is the first class in The Second City’s acting school program. The class features a unique methodology and approach to beginning acting lessons. Students learn the foundational skills needed to begin their exploration of scripted work. It is a class for students who wish to broaden their performance…

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Acting 2 (2020)

Acting 2 provides intermediate acting lessons for any student who wishes to continue their training. Acting 2 gives participants the opportunity to continue their study of the craft of acting in a group setting with a professional instructor. The second level of the acting program builds valuable scene partner skills…

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Acting 3 (2020)

Acting 3 encompasses advanced acting lessons for the performer who wants to gain experience using their entire body to create a character and tell a story. The performer that wants to master their art must master movement. Every individual has a unique body type and moves differently. By utilizing how…

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Acting 4 (2020)

Acting 4 is for the serious performer looking to make a career on the stage. A good command of styles is an important tool to any performer. It allows the performer to instantly be on the same page with their cast mates when they are charged to perform a piece…

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Acting Lab

Acting Lab Level 1 (2020)

Acting Lab 1 provides you with the knowledge and confidence to perform in different scenes of varied styles. By learning and practicing genre-specific acting exercises, you are able to approach the work of acting with a deeper understanding of scenic study. With these lessons, you’ll be able to access a…

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Acting Lab Level 2 (2020)

If you’re pursuing a career as a professional actor, this class equips you with the required aptitude in acting ability and expertise in the world of entertainment. Acting Lab 2 is an investigation into how to book acting roles and how to sustain a career as a professional actor. You’ll…

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Acting Lab Level 3 (2020)

Acting Lab 3 is the summation and final step in the Acting Lab program which results in an entertainment industry showcase. Students use every acting lesson and acting exercise experienced in previous levels and apply them to form a presentation to industry professionals with the goal of generating interest in…

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Acting Lab Auditions (2020)

The Acting Lab is an advanced acting program for students who wish to acquire the skills to pursue a career as a professional actor. By focusing on the acting lessons in this acting program, students gain tools to help them to create detailed performances.

You need to have completed the four…

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Physical Performance


Movement is for any student who wants to better understand how to use their body as an instrument for dramatic and comedic acting. Students gain a deeper insight on how to use physicality to make stronger character choices, widen their acting range, and feel more confident while on stage. Students…

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Clowning is for anyone interested in exploring a different element in physical comedy. It is also for people interested primarily in the art of clowning. This is an excellent class for any performer who wants to “shake things up” and explore a new form of expression. Learning the art of…

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Voice & Speech

Voice and Speech

Voice and Speech is for actors and improvisers who want to improve their speaking voice for the stage, work on projection, and learn how to speak in a healthy way that can get them through a long run of a show. It’s also for improvisers and actors who often get…

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Dialects is a class for actors and improvisers who want to learn how to properly research and perform accents and dialects. It is for actors preparing for a specific audition or play, or for sketch comedians and improvisers who want to learn how to broaden this aspect of their character…

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Acting On & Off Camera

Acting On Camera 1

Acting On Camera is your opportunity for on-camera acting experience in scripted and improvised scene work. This class is designed for actors and improvisers interested in making the leap from stage to screen. Students looking to learn specifically about meeting the new challenges film presents the actor with will enjoy…

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Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers

Improv is a skill that is sought after in the voiceover market. Voiceover talent is always in demand, and voiceover work can be very lucrative. In Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers you will learn about mic technique, breath control, demos, and the difference between radio and television reads. You will learn…

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Advanced Voiceover for Improvisers

Advanced Voiceover for Improvisers is for improvisers and actors who want real world experience recording voiceovers. It is for those who want to seriously pursue a career in voiceover work. The most important thing beginners lack when they go into the professional world is professional studio time. This class gives…

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Video Game Voiceover Workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those voices on your favorite game, then this 2-Day workshop is for you! Warner Bros. Cinematic Director Dominic Cianciolo (Mortal Kombat X, Injustice: Gods Among Us) and Kathleen Puls Andrade will take you through gaming scripts that will challenge your mouth, your…

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

One-On-One Coaching

The Second City Training Center offers individual, customized coaching in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

Monologue prep
On-camera audition prep
Dialects Accent Coaching

Youth & Teen Coaching
Audition Prep
Monologue Prep

Advanced sketch critique
Screenplay & Sitcom coaching
Sketch Production (Coaching a group through their first production)
Sketch generation & critique…

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Team Coaching

The Second City Training Center now offers team improv and sketch coaching. This service is available at or in the vicinity of any of our three Training Centers (Chicago, Hollywood, Toronto) and also available via Skype. Our team coaches are all skilled instructors and directors that have worked with Second…

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