TV, Film & Digital Production

The production program is about empowering content creators with the knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the TV and Film industries. The classes in this program focus on screenwriting, film production, and editing and distribution. To reflect the true collaborative nature of film, this program is open to people at completely different levels of writing, improv, or acting experience.

Writing for Television

Intro to Writing for TV & Film

Intro to Writing for TV & Film is for anyone who wants to learn the crucial basics of writing for film and television or anyone with a great idea of a movie who needs help putting it into (properly formatted) words. It gives you a strong foundation for TV and…

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Intro to Writing for TV & Film Fast Track & Express

Express and Fast Track classes are designed for students who can’t do an 8-week class, or just want to move through beginning programs faster. These courses have the same number of class hours and the same pricing as the standard 8-week versions of the same class. Express classes meet twice weekly for four…

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Comedy Writing for TV & Film

Comedy Writing for TV & Film is for people passionate about turning their great ideas into awesome scripts people will be clamoring to produce. The idea-to-script-to-production-to-winning-an-Emmy/Oscar process is long and complicated, and this demystifies that crucial first step of taking an idea, getting it off the ground and turning it…

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Screenwriting is for serious screenwriters looking for help turning a jumble of ideas into a sharp script that will turn heads. The screenplay can be an unwieldy beast without proper understanding of structure, pace, tone and character arcs. This class helps you tame the beast.

You will learn the specifics of…

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Screenwriter’s Lab

Screenwriter’s Lab is a class for people serious about finishing their screenplay. Students will build on the fundamentals presented in previous screenwriting classes. This is a place for advanced students to continue their writing projects, revise completed scripts, or begin developing new work.

You’ll explore more of the architecture of a…

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Creating the Comedy Web Series

Create comedy web series from script to screen in this 16-week writing and video production course.

For the first eight weeks, students will work in a writer’s room to write 4-5 episodes of a collaborative web series. Students will pitch ideas, give and receive notes, create a show bible and story…

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Comedy Film Production

Comedy Film Production 1

Comedy Film Production 1 for anyone who wants to learn the nuts and bolts of comedy film production in a collaborative setting—actors, improvisers, writers, creative polymaths. It’s also for those who want to learn how to elevate the production value of their work and support their great ideas with great…

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Comedy Film Production 2

Comedy Film Production 2 gives a deeper dive into all the moving parts of a film production and gives you confidence to write, shoot and produce your own material.

You will develop more skills and explore the nuances of film production (pre- through post-), including lighting, sound, script revisions, and camerawork….

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