TV, Film & Digital Production

The production program is about empowering content creators with the knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the TV and Film industries. The classes in this program focus on screenwriting, film production, and editing and distribution. To reflect the true collaborative nature of film, this program is open to people at completely different levels of writing, improv, or acting experience.

Please note that some of these classes will be delivered online.

Film Production

Comedic Directing - Defining Your Directorial Voice

Whether you are making a Tik Tok video or a feature film, the mechanics of comedic filmmaking remain the same. This course allows participants to progress at their own speed and choose form exercises that range from beginner friendly to professionally challenging. The ultimate goal is to allow filmmakers at…

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Second City Film School Online: Filmmaking Through the Phone Lens

In four consecutive weekly workshops, students will be immersed into the world of filmmaking via the lens on their phone. They will be given the essential tools and tips to develop their scripts and competently shoot a movie using only a phone and basic items found around the house. With…

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Web Series

Creating a Web Series

Join us in a 7-week class on creating your very own web series. With the success of web series like Brown Girls or Broad City, creating your own can jump start your career. We will learn about storyline, character development and dialogue, as well as focus on the logistics of shooting. Tell your…

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TV, Film & Digital

Writing Comedy News (Online)

In this intensive 4 session class (3 hours each), students will act as if they are the writing staff of a news-driven show that is a cross between SNL and The Daily Show. Some writing experience is recommended but not required. Students will submit scene pitches and two-line jokes prior…

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Intro to Writing for TV & Film

Intro to Writing for TV & Film is for anyone who wants to learn the crucial basics of writing for film and television or anyone with a great idea of a movie who needs help putting it into (properly formatted) words. It gives you a strong foundation for TV and…

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Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows Levels 1 & 2

Level 1 – Learn how to write monologue jokes, desk bits, remote segments, guest pieces, sketch and a variety of segments for shows like Fallon, Kimmel, Amber Ruffin, Seth Myers, Colbert, Ellen, Noah, Oliver and more. Pitch monologue jokes weekly, brainstorm, explore and heighten material in this collaborative Writer’s Room…

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Comedy TV Pilots Program

Level 101 – Do you have an idea for a TV show but don’t know where to start? Comedy TV Pilots 101 is designed to give you the tools for converting your idea into an outline of your very own TV pilot. From character to relationship to story, each week…

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Writing for Animation

Interested in writing cartoons? This class will introduce you to the wonderful world of writing for animation. Learn about the animation production pipeline, how to break down episodic structure, and study show bibles to understand the unique opportunities and demands of the medium of animated tv and films. You will…

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Screenwriting 1

In Screenwriting 1, students start their journeys as creators of comedic content. Throughout the session, students will utilize The Second City’s approach of creating from abundance and using improvisation as an invaluable tool in their creative process to create characters, situations, and premises ideally suited for comedic storytelling….

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Comedic Lit

Become a stronger storyteller by gaining inspiration from some of the greatest comedic authors: Shakespeare, Vonnegut, Gay, Reed. In this class students will expand their knowledge of comedic narrative and its history. The works studied and analyzed in this class will help students expand their reference levels as well as…

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Improv for Filmmakers 1

This course is the study of the collaborative mechanics of Improvisation and how those philosophies and techniques can be applied to all levels of filmmaking. Students will learn Improv skills that will enhance their development as artists and filmmakers and will be the foundation for all their training at the…

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TV & Film Online

Writing Lab: Content Creation (Online)

In this small size 4 week class students will learn, plan and create content. By the end of the class every student will have at least one project of their choice finished and shared online with the world.We’re all in this together. We’ll learn from each other and…

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Writing Short-Humor and Telling Big Jokes (Online)

In this small size 4-week class students will write short-humor pieces using stand-up comedy jokes. In each class students will spend time on writing exercises and telling stand-up jokes in an extremely supportive open-mic like environment. Students will (outside the class) expand ideas from these jokes into 500-800 words long…

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Hosting 101 (Online)

A class to get more improvisers comfortable hosting improv shows – setting up improv games, keeping the show moving forward and keeping the energy up. Hosting: the ultimate way to make your partners look good!

Prerequisite: Improv 3/C or equivalent education

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