Voice and Speech with Andy Massingham (Online)

We need to keep our speaking skills sharp, now more than ever!

This four-class intensive is designed for actors and non-actors who wish to develop, cultivate and maintain a healthy speaking voice capable of conviction and passion.From breathing techniques, articulation exercises and a study of rhetoric, imagination and presentation you will discover a new voice within you which you will be eager to share.

What we will cover-

We will cover breathing exercises, relaxation, where we feel blocked and strive to let the flow of breath become easy and the voice naturally follow and expression may follow.

Exercises to release the tongue, increase flexibility and allow the mouth and body work together with breath to create a flow.

Rhetoric/Creating Speech
The power of words and language. How we grab the audience's imagination using imagery, irony, poetry, etc. We will then move onto creating a text of the participant's devising, wherein they speak for one minute on a mutually agreed topic of their choice. This is written, not improvised.

Assigned Speech
The participants will be given a speech (pre-existing, not a monologue) to study based on the above elements. They will then deliver the speech and constructive critique will follow.

Please note that this class takes place in Eastern Time.

Voice and Speech with Andy Massingham (Online)