Online 5-Day Camps (Ages 10-17)

PARENTS, we know you’re doing your best to find interactive play (how did our parents even do it?!) and we’re here to help you with a virtual room filled with kids! We’ve figured out how to bring real, live fun straight from The Second City to you! Our totally digital, totally FUN comedy camps will engage your children for four hours of fun and creativity---with other kids. All you need is an internet connection and a camera, and we’ll have them “yes, and”-ing in no time.

Campers exercise their sense of play through improv games that are the foundation of The Second City’s unique brand of comedy. Our teachers will work with these young improvisers to help enhance their ability to communicate with others and develop confidence in their own creativity while working as part of an ensemble. No previous experience is needed. Camps end with a virtual show where the students show off what they’ve learned! 


Second City has been such an amazing thing in my life…”  Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina, Mad Men)

"SUCH a great idea to do it online  It meant seeing my little ones smile, laugh out loud and spring back to life!" Samantha P.

"She came out of the virtual class energized, happy and smiling from ear to ear." Tara J.

"Filling an hour of my homeschool schedule with drama from Second City really took the pressure off of me." Stacy S.

"Interactions like this are so important to continue the social aspect of his life." Alison S.

"(Camp) offers a great way to break up his day in fun, unexpected ways." Jean C.

"It was also nice to see how the teachers interacted with the kids. The teachers are top-notch." Sam S.

"Thank you for bringing smiles to their faces!" Nikolena L.

"Watching Frankie quickly engage and jump right with everyone was priceless." Cris O.

"Lots of laughs can be heard from the other room. Thank you!!" Kristie B.

"A slice of time for him to enjoy himself, be social, and connect with others." Chi-Chi T.

"She was so excited to have an opportunity to do some theater work from home." Beth P.

"Much needed social interaction and lots and lots of laughter!" Christel B.

"He was full of giggles, smiles and energy!" Allison G.

Online 5-Day Camps (Ages 10-17)