Makeup Classes

Students are expected to attend all classes. Missing more than two of your scheduled class times can be grounds for repeating a term. Students are required to be part of an ensemble. Missing your regularly scheduled class jeopardizes your involvement within the ensemble.

Improv & Specialty Class Make Ups

There will be assigned makeup dates per term for you to attend. To attend the make up you must pre-register, online or over the phone, at a cost of $5 which is non-refundable.

You’ll be making up the time that you missed and working on improv fundamentals, not necessarily the exact curriculum that you missed. This make up class will cater to students at all levels in our program.

Stand Up & Writing

You will be required to email the front desk for the homework to complete for the following class. For Stand Up, if you’d like to test your material and get feedback, you can make up in the Sunday Stand Up drop-in class from 6-8pm at a discounted price of $5.


PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive late the assigned instructor reserves the right not admit you to the class.

Makeup Classes