Full Day Program

The award winning*, The Second City School Program provides engaging and fully interactive workshops for students and educators, and educational and entertaining performances for students Kindergarten to grades 2-12.

Every year we work with hundreds of Elementary and Secondary schools throughout the GTA and southern Ontario, as well as many Colleges and Universities to deliver the programming that supports skills such as:
Clear verbal and nonverbal communication
Associative thinking
Language sequencing
Problem solving
Spatial & situational awareness
Creative collaboration
Character development
Social Risk-Taking

We also welcome working with at-risk students, and students on the Autism spectrum, who greatly benefit from the supportive and encouraging environment.


Our program has been created to support the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations.

We offer a fresh new resource for educators who want to provide their students with an alternative experience to learning curricular ideas and strands such as:

Elementary & Secondary Arts, Drama & Music
Developing Creativity
Understanding Culture
Making Connections

Elementary Language & Secondary English
Understanding necessity of language
Listening & speaking with confidence
Meaningful connections
Critical thinking
Connecting with individuals and communities for personal growth

Secondary Business 9 &10, 11 & 12
Problem solving
Critical and creative thinking
Employability skills
Entrepreneurial skills
Delivery of presentations

Secondary English as a Second Language
Listening and Speaking

Elementary & Secondary French as a Second Language
(Core, Extended & Immersion)
Listening and Speaking

Secondary Guidance and Career Education 9 & 10, 11&12
Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills

SHSM Certification available:

  1. IMPROVISATION (For Sector: Arts)
  2. MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP (For Sector: Business)
  3. COMMUNICATION SKILLS  (For Sectors:  Health and Wellness, Not for Profit, and Sport)
  4. GROUP DYNAMICS (For Sectors: Health and Wellness, Justice & Community Safety…, Non-Profit, Sports)
  5. PROBLEM SOLVING (For Sector: Not for Profit)
  6. CUSTOMER SERVICE (All Sectors)



FULL DAY PROGRAM (SHOW AND WORKSHOP) includes this year’s educational Main Stage Show, Greater Expectations in the morning, followed by a fully interactive workshop (including SHSM certificate workshops) in the afternoon. Recommended for students grades 6 – 12. See “Performance” and “Workshops” for more information.

SHSM Certificate Workshops
We have partnered with schools in the GTA to develop these programs; further, our unique brand of experiential learning makes our programs an exciting educational event for students. All SHSM workshops include a brief quiz, and we provide a handsome certificate. All this from an organization known for its outstanding corporate training.


For Grades 6-12

This year, the production zeros in on character development–encouraging students to respect themselves and each other; to include others; to make positive contributions to their school and community; and to think critically…and creatively.
The show’s second act lets the cast members throw away the script and let their improv skills shine. We even invite students from the audience up on stage to get in on the fun!  After the show, the cast conducts a Q&A session with students.

This show is available at our theatre.


Our fully interactive, improv-based workshops are 90 minutes (grades 2-8) or 2 hours long (grades 9-12), and are facilitated by our professional actor-instructors. Workshops are delivered in groups of approximately 20-25 students. They can be scheduled to suit your needs, and we can accommodate up to 160 students at a time at our facilities.

Many workshops are available in French!


FULL DAY PROGRAM – There are 41 morning performances (10:30-11:45am) throughout the school year; mainly on Thursdays, Fridays and some Wednesdays. Afternoon workshops take place between the time range of 12:30-3:00pm. Workshop times are flexible.

STAND ALONE SHOW Greater Expectations

STAND ALONE WORKSHOP Monday to Friday, usually between 9am-3pm.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your program to allow for traffic delays.


Contact The Second City at 647-557-7406 or email schoolprograms@secondcity.com. We will respond promptly with information about availability and cost.  Please include the number of students attending for accurate available dates.


FULL DAY PROGRAM (SHOW AND WORKSHOP): $34/student (includes HST)

SHOW TICKETS: $19/student (includes HST)

WORKSHOPS TICKETS: $19/student (includes HST)


For more general information about School Programs, contact
Ceed Stapleton, Education Program Director
Tel: 647-557-7406

The Second City Training Centre

99 Blue Jays Way, Third Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 9G9


Parents: To enroll your child in weekly kids and teens classes, please contact the Training Centre at 416-343-0011or email customerservice.to@secondcity.com.

Full Day Program