Comedy from a Broad

A hands-on writing class to help you push past your doubt, develop a strong female point of view, expand the role of the female protagonist, avoid being the straight “woman” and some tips on how to thrive as a female comic.

This class is open to anyone who identifies as female.


About the instructor: Deb Kimmet was a member of The Second City's Toronto cast in the 1980s and appeared as a stage actress in productions of Norm Foster's Windfall, Lawrence Jeffery's Precipice and Don Ferguson's Skin Deep. She has written several plays, including Broken Record, Last Respects and Miracle Mother, and one-woman shows including Dorothy Lawton: Unplugged, Overboard and North of Normal.

Kimmett has also published the humor books Reality Is Overrated and That Which Doesn't Kill You Makes You Funnier and the novel Outrunning Crazy, and is an online author of the Seven Minute Writer Tool Kit. She has made guest appearances on the CBC Radio comedy series The Debaters, is a regular on CBC Radio One's Definitely Not the Opera, and works as a motivational speaker teaching organizations how to deal with change. She and Lee Anne McAlear host a regular podcast called Improv: The Heart of Innovation.

I feel at the beginning of class you stick a pen in your jugular vein and just pour out all your experience and wisdom and knowledge and let us feed on it. You must need a blood transfusion afterwards! - Kim Nelles

Deborah Kimmett's class is one of the best classes I have ever taken. - Lyralen Kaye, Boston Improv

Comedy from a Broad