Acting 2

ACTING 2: Character 

Character work is the core of great comedy and storytelling. Understanding your character's motivations and how they express themselves is paramount for any actor. Creating a character in close collaboration with writers, directors, and fellow actors, can be the most generative part of the actor's process. Whether your character is an extension of your natural energy or requires bold physical, vocal, and movement choices, authenticity remains key in both comedy and drama. 

Our class encourages actors to explore a wide range of choices, drawing from various toolboxes and disciplines to create compelling and unforgettable characters. Monologues will be a focal point, teaching you to deliver with energy, dynamism and unwavering commitment. 

In this level, topics covered include:  

  • Introduction to Character and Point of View (POV) 
  • Exploring Monologues 
  • Character through Movement and Voice 
  • Introduction to Chekhov's Techniques (Body/Voice as an instrument) 
  • Understanding Status Dynamics 
  • Introduction to Stanislavski's Principles (Behavior through actions) 
  • Monologue Lab: Refining Your Delivery 
  • Monologue Presentations: Showcase Your Talent 

Elevate your acting skills and join us for Acting 2. Register now and explore the art of authentic character creation in comedy and drama. 

Acting 2