RewireU: The Core Intensive

The RewireU program empowers people through improvisation techniques cultivated over 50 years of entertaining a wide range of audiences. We know people!

Participants of the RewireU program will learn new tactics for handling conflict, sharing opinions, championing projects, overcoming change and collaborating.

RewireU is for individuals or companies who want to rethink how they work.

“The topics covered at RewireU workshop were 100% applicable to my workplace. The facilitators were wonderfully skilled at creating a “brave” and safe atmosphere that was anchored in humour, and flourished to one of inspiration and collaboration.”

– Ann Hill, Project Manager, Organizational Development, Rogers

“RewireU is a great opportunity to shake things up, break old habits and gain a new perspective on innovation at work.”

– Bryanne, Director, Operational Effectiveness

“Improvisational skills can make a sales organization stronger together, resilient to changes and effective by believing in themselves.”

– Melissa Madian, Speaker, Consultant and Founder, TMM Enablement

This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

RewireU: The Core Intensive

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