Improv for Veterans Program (2020)

Improv for Veterans is a multi-level curriculum specifically catered to anyone who has served in the armed forces. This class aims to teach improv, while also connecting with other veterans, building communication skills, sharing experiences with veterans from other branches, and playing around. Improv for Veterans is taught by a Second City instructor and military veteran with improv experience.

Improv for Veterans Level Alpha – Beginner Improv

In the alpha level of this class, students will learn skills needed to create strong improvised scenes. These skills include building ensemble, giving and taking focus, object work, and the concept of “yes, and.”

Improv for Veterans Level Alpha · Sundays · 12-3:30PM (3/8-4/26, NO CLASS 4/12)

Improv for Veterans Level Bravo – Character Development

In the bravo level of this class, students will delve deeper into scene work, with specific focus on character development. They will explore creating characters through internal motivations, like point of view, status, wants and intentions, and external ones, like experimenting with physicality. Students also continue to explore scene work, with special emphasis on how to create scenes inspired by personal stories.

Improv for Veterans Level Charlie – Scene Work

In this final level, students will take the skills developed in alpha and beta, and apply them by creating a study of structure, content, and character wants; this term focuses on what makes an improvised scene work.

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Improv for Veterans Program (2020)