Improv 1, 2 & 3 Express Classes (2020)

The Improv Program is a complete foundation in the principles of scenic improvisation as practiced at The Second City. Based in the work of Viola Spolin, this three level program covers all elements of the improvisational process. The typical improv class meets once a week for seven weeks.

EXPRESS! Meeting twice-weekly, Improv Express explores the same concepts taught in each level but in a shorter time period! Same concepts, same fun, same cost!

Improv 1

Improvising Basics – While learning the building blocks of improv, this term builds confidence through ensemble energy.

Improv 2

Improvising Scenes – A study of emotion, relationship, point-of-view, and environment; this term focuses on what makes an improvised scene work.

Improv 3

Improvising Games and Advancing Scene Work – While continuing an enhancement of improvisational scene work, this term explores improvising shortform games.

3.5 hours, 7 classes, 3.5 weeks

Improv 1, 2 & 3 Express Classes (2020)